What I wore the other day V

Friday night!

I am on my out to drink coctails and dance with my girls in my new dress from Asos. I'll show you tomorrow! Have a great night

Today's details

Wearing: dress - H&M,  sweater - H&M, necklace - E-bay

I am at school doing grammar work in journalism. Common mistakes. I know I need it, so I am not complaining.... But still, hopefully not the main happening of the day! 

I am ready for December.

Wearing: dress - H&M, jacket - Vila, necklace - Indiska (old), bag - Lindex (old), shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Today I had one lecture at school and it was cancelled. It was supposed to start at 9 am, which meant that I had to get up early, shower, get dressed AND get to school by nine just to figure out that I could go back to sleep. At least I am awake and that is good because I really need to work on my final essay today (done with one, two more to go) and I promised Julie I would have dinner ready when she gets home from school. I am the perfect friend, I know. 

And guess what?? I am all done with my Christmas shopping. E-bay has been a great help and it feels so good be done! Now I am just going to lean back and watch everyone else stress around. Got to love December!

Sneak peak

Wearing: pants - H&M, topp - Second hand (better pictures coming up!)

I am off to London to do some more Chritmas shopping, meet up with an old friend and have dinner with Julie to hear all the gossip about last night (I didn't get to go out because I was sick all day...) 

Have a great day! 

When your bed is the only one calling

Today I woke up with a headach worst than I ever have experienced in my life. It felt like someone was trying to blow my head up! So, well, no school for me today and I haven't left bed yet. It hate to feel like this both because I feel like I am waisting a lot of time AND because it is finally weekend and I am supposed to go out and have fun, see Twillight at the movies ang go to London and meet up with friends both Saturday and Sunday. I think I'll just stay in bed and hope I'll feel better by tonight.... Now I have to eat some more of my candy - paracetamol! Mmm..

Vintage Love II

Wearing: sweater - Urban Renewal, pants - Dranella, bag - Topshop

Remember that I told you about the feature presentation I was going to have last week? Anyway, we never got as far down the list as my name, so I am presenting tomorrow. I just got home after talking to my teacher about which idea I should choose and I actually decided on something else than what I had planned. So now I have to prepare myself for tomorrow's brand new presentation! I am really glad I went and talked to her as I got to discuss my ideas AND she was really supporting and told me not to give up news writing yet (I have been having some problems getting along with that way of writing). I like her and can't wait to do magazine journalism with her next year!!

Speaking about next year, as I said, we have been informed about taking a year or a semester abroad next year. I have been thinking that I am already abroad, so why bother, but then, on the other hand I believe it is a great opportunity. To go abroad while being abroad - the journey within a journey. Or something like that. During lunchtime lecture today we talked about how cool it would be to go as a group to Istanbul - which is said to have a very good university and also to be a great place to live. We have to apply by February so luckily we still have some more time to figure it out...  

Today the colour is green.

Wearing: pants and top - H&M Trend, shoes - H&M divided, bag and necklace - Topshop, leather jacket - Vila

Don't really have that much to tell you today - I just got home from school and have sat down to start my essay about feminism. I'll write some more tonight! We had an interesting lecture today about studying abroad and I am thinking about doing it. Not sure yet though, but I'll tell you more about it later. Now I have to write!

Good Morning


Just stopping by to say good morning before running of to school! Have a great day :-)


London is my therapy

Wearing: skirt - Bik Bok, top - Vero Moda, cardigan - Vila, necklace - home made

You know how it feels when you have so much clothes in your closet, but nothing to wear? Today, that's how I felt like. I just kept staring at my clothes and couldn't figure out what the hell to wear. Even so, today was a good day because it gave me an excuse to have a therapy day. Some people prefer spa and pedicure as therapy, I prefer big city buzz, shopping and watching people all by myself. Me and London - that's my therapy. Back home I used to do the same, but then Oslo was my escape. I have to say I like London even more simply because it is more opportunities. So, skipping school and going shopping is my therapy. Call me weird and irresponsible, but that's how it works. That's how I work. Tomorrow I'll go to school as a new person - inside and outside. That's therapy. 

The feeling of Sunday

Wearing: sweater - H&M Trend, pants - old, shoes - H&M divided, necklace - Indiska, bag - second hand, coat - Cubus

I am not even feeling like straitening my hair as I am perfectly fine looking like a troll today. It is Sunday and I have no plans - except for eating McDonalds food and sleep. 

Yesterday was a lot of fun! We argued with a taxi driver, sang "Ja må han leva, ja må han leva" for the birthday kids, drank champagne and danced. 


Wearing: Vila dress

Sorry, I know the picture is bad. Ran out of time! Have a great night :-)

West End tonight.

Wearing: pants - Cubus, shoes -old, vest - H&M, sweater - Gina Trocot, bag - Topshop

I am so excited for tonight! The girls are going to London for dinner and a musical. My favorit musical - Les Miserable! I am so excited to see it at the West End because I have only seen it preformed in Norway so far. I love the music, the story, EVERYTHING. Such a beautiful musical! If you haven't seen it you should!

What I wore the other day IV

Done with October and almost half way through November - where does the time go?

Sparkle like the stars above.

Wearing: VILA - sparkly sweater, H&M - vest.

Got to love sparkles! Going in to London now, I'll tell you more about it later! 

A Tuesday morning post.

Wearing: sweater - Primark, coat - Cubus, necklas - Topshop, bag - River Island

My lecture this morning was dead boring and I was so tired. I spend an entire hour talking to my friend on skype and reading newspapers because I was not able to focus, Oh well..

Today my plan is to start writing one of my final essays that are due in January. I want to have them done before I go home for Christmas so I only need to focus on having fun, ha ha. We have a pretty long Christmas holiday as school does not start until the end of January - so Julie and I was googeling Egypt vacations in January!!! I so want to go! Just lie on the beach and eat food all day - I really hope it will work out! It wasn't even than expensive. 

I have the rest of the day off but so many things to catch up on. At the moment I am not motivated because I am hungry. My fridge is broken so I don't have any food either.. Starbucks lunch maybe? I also have dinner plans tonight, Gaby and I are making stir fry - gosh I am hungry already. 

I am sorry this post did not make any sense....

Have a great day! 

ACNE dress.

Look what I found in my mum's closet. A beautiful ACNE dress. So jealous! 

I am off to work. Have a great friday!

Monday morning look

Wearing: shorts - Top Shop, sweater - Zara, shoes - ASOS, nails - Deborah Lippmann

I am on my way out to write my first real news story. The only problem now is that I found what I want to write about, but still, I am missing my news angle... Oh well. I am going to go and listen to a lecture by Max Howard who is a really famous Hollywood producer. I am thinking that I'll find my angle during his talk or during the interview I am hoping to get afterwards.... Wish me luck! 

Baby, it is cold outside.

Wearing: knit - Primark, coat - vintage, scarf - H&M, pants - old

It has been so warm here lately that I haven't been able to wear all the cozy big knits that I brought from home. I actually wished for it to be colder so I could wear them! Today it got a lot colder because of the wind, so I could finally pack myself in a scarf, my new vintage jacket and a knit. The three reasons why I love autumn. 

At the moment it feels like there are not enough hours in a day. I have so much to do, so much to read and write and at the same time there are all these events going on. Today I went to a welcome reception at the Rose theatre, tomorrow I am going to an audition for a play called "Steel Magnolia" and on Wednesday we are going to London for the H&M/ELLE event. I am not complaining, I love to have a lot to do, but I hate to feel like I never get anything done. Each week we get a new list of chapters and books to read and every time I start on a new list I feel like I never really had the time to finish the last one. 

Oh well, this is university life I guess. You are not supposed to get everything read because there is always a new book to read.... 

What I wore the other day III

To discuss like a pro.

// Shoes - Dune, Feather necklace - H&M divided, Pants - old, Sweater - Gina Tricot, White shirt - H&M divided, Watch - Michael Kors, Ring - Aldo //

Every Wednesday at 11am I have my most interesting seminar during my week. Interesting, not mainly because of what we learn, but because we discuss political issues. I love discussing politics and in my seminar group there is, well let's say, a few others who likes that too. We end up having some pretty overheated discussions like today when we were discussing different ideologies. People tend to get really fired up, talk over each other and almost scream to get their meanings across.  I enjoy it, but if someone was to randomly walk in to the room while this was going on i bet they would have a bit of a shock. 

Today I found myself in a group where almost everyone disagreed with my political standpoints. Oh well, lets just say we had a pretty harsh discussion. 
But on the other hand - that's what politics are all about, right? 

Gypsy girl.

// Shorts - Levis 501 gypsy version - Urban Outfitters//

School has really kicked in now. Lots of work to do and even more to read. This week we're learning about the Cold War in International Relations which is a war that I find really fascinating. Just the fact that is one of the most controversial and discussed wars ever, and it wasn't even a real war. Oh well, as I said, I find it interesting. 

Later one today I am going to a Body Pump class at YMCA, the fitness center in Surbition that we just signed up for. It feels really good to be back in old work-out habits again after they were pretty much non-existent this summer. 

Staying in tonight.

// Knit - Zara, skjerf - H&M, sko - Converse //

Det begynner å bli høst og det er sååå deilig! I kveld var vi bare inne. Ingen hadde energi til å kle seg ut å gå på festival-party. Må lade opp litt i blandt. Freshner's week starter faktisk ikke før på mandag og vi har allerede vært på fest hver dag... så ja, jeg og Julie tok en kveld med pasta, Ben and Jerry's og Gossip Girl maraton Helt perfekt.


// Skjørt - Vila, støvler - Hunter Genser - Gina Tricot (minnet meg litt om den fine ACNE genseren jeg har så lyst på...)//

Har vært hos Cecilie og spist koselig lunsj og sagt ha det. I går sa jeg ha det til  verdens søteste brødre og nå skal jeg til Oslo og spise middag og kose meg med jentene for siste gang på en stund. Så mange å si ha det til, men jeg gråter ikke. London jo, det er jo så nærme, men samtidig SÅ BRA! Så null stress denne gangen. Ikke som å reise til USA...

Ha en fin dag :-)


Herregud, selv om jeg føler at ventetiden har vært en million år lang så har den faktisk gått ganske fort også. Det er faktisk bare tre dager igjen per dags dato. Tre laaaaange dager, men som sikkert kommer til å gå ganske fort. 

Jeg har hatt en fin siste dag på jobben i dag. Jeg fikk kake, og pai og fine rosa ting til å ha med meg. På den andre jobben fikk jeg også en fin gave. Det er litt koselig da, det å få gaver. Har vell også funnet ut at jeg jobber sammen med verdens beste folk. Det er liksom de som er gjengen min, sånn på ordentlig. Gleder meg faktisk allerede til jeg ser dem til jul.

Ellers er vell alt annet så og si klart. Jeg har pakket en koffert ferdig og i den andre ligger det så langt et par gummistøvler. Jeg pakker resten på mandag tror jeg. Har vært litt av et styr og pakke hele rommet mitt ned (lillesøster skal flytte inn på rommet mitt når jeg flytter ut) og bære alle tingene opp i garasjen. Det var også ganske rart, det og pakke ned rommet sitt. Da følte jeg plutselig at jeg skulle flytte sånn på ordentlig. For godt. Eller ja, det blir jo på en måte det. Spørs vell om jeg noen gang kommer til å bo permanent hjemme igjen. Men jeg gråter ikke akkurat av den grunn! Gud så klar jeg er for å flytte!


Min nye, fine hverdagskjole fra VILA.


Jeg er så lei av å ikke ha noe spennende å fortelle dere. Jeg er så lei av å kjede meg. Jeg er så lei av å jobbe, og bare ha jobb og fortelle om. Men snart, snart, skjer det. Vi snakker 10 dager. 10 simple, men lange dager. Jeg teller nesten timer. Nå må det skje noe snart! 

I still believe in summer days.

//Skjørt - Bikbok, genser - Vila, halskjede - H&M, sko - Converse //

What I wore the other day II

Noen favoritt?

It's just me and my ways.

// Sko - Roots, genser - Berskha, skjorts - Cubus, smykke - Lindex, klokke - Certina vintage //

Hadde fri i hele dag og trodde jeg skulle dø. Heldigvis fikk jeg se Poppers Pinguiner med pappa og guttene på kino. Det var koselig! Herregud, for en søt film. Dagen har gått overrakende fort faktisk... Nå skal jeg pakke litt :)

While the rain keeps falling down....

....I am counting the hours, minutes and seconds

Another event coming up.

// Topp - Monki, sko-  Din sko, jakke - Zara //

Nå kiler det i magen igjen. Det er jo London fashion week rett etter at vi kommer til London og jeg og Julie planlegger en liten utflukt. Får nok ikke med oss de store showene, men det hadde vært veldig gøy og fått med seg litt. Bare det å gå rundt å se, oppleve atmosfæren og beundre vakre mennesker i fine klær er bra for meg. Vodafone fashion week går jo rett etter fashion week og er en event hvor de setter sammen høydepunktene fra fashion week for publikum. Disse eventene kan man kjøpe billetter til, og det hadde også vært kjempe gøy! Kanskje vi skal gjøre det? 


This is what time will bring my way.

//Genser - Urban Outfitters, skjørt - Vila, klokke - Nixon, sko - roots //

Jeg føler at bloggen og jeg er litt kjedelig om dagen, rett og slett fordi vi ikke har noe å gjøre. Men om to uker skjer det ting her, spennende ting. Da skal dere få les om/ se bildere av dette blandt annet:

For those who arrive early by the 17th!

Wednesday - karaoke and DJ @ SpaceBar Kusu. Cheap drinks and specially made vodka jelly shots! FREE ENTRY!

Thursday - Pajama Party and DJ @ Space bar. More vodka jelly, more drinks, more dancing, with added pillow fights! FREE ENTRY!

Friday - Cocktail Night @ Space bar. All sorts of special cocktails at discount prices. FREE ENTRY!

And also free bus from Seething Wells to Space Bar! 

Due to the fact that it would be too many of us amazing party ppl on the lawn. The Student's Union creates these official events for early arrivals! And we can meet up not just our hallmates, but also ppl from different halls! 

* And it should be ok for us to get some pre-drink and get to know each other before party time?! So please do get on the lawn and meet your hallmates on these days Xx


Høres såååå bra ut!!

Keep breathing, keep laughing and the time will pass

// Skjørt - Indiska, genser - H&M, sko- roots, hatt - Cubus//

I dag kommer Guri, venninnen min fra Oslo og henter en hel søppelsekk meg klær hun skal få. Det er vell det mest spennende som skjer i dag. Ellers skal jeg jobbe da, men det er liksom ikke så spennende lenger. Teller fortsatt ned uker og dager, ja faktisk, nesten timer også...

Come along with me.

// T-skjorte - ACNE, sko - Roots, skjørt - Vila, klokke - Nixon //

Det er så rart at folk drar sin vei. På fredag reiser Anniken og neste uke kan jeg ikke ringe henne og spørre om vi skal ta lunsj før jobb. Hun kommer til å være i ASIA. Det er sykt. Mest sykt fordi akkurat nå føler jeg at jeg er den eneste i hele verden som er hjemme og har livet på vent... 2 uker og 6 dager... En hel evighet...

Three weeks to go

// Kjole - Monki, jakke - Zara, smykke - H&M, sko - Dinsko // 

Folk reiser i Øst og vest nå. I dag blir en av de siste dagene på lenge hvor jeg kan være sammen med Margrethe, en av mine beste venner som reiser på folkehøyskole til helgen. Vi ses jo uansett til jul, men jeg har et lite håp om at hun skal komme å besøke med i London før det også!

Apropo London - I DAG ER DET 3 UKER IGJEN!! Om en uke skal jeg begynne å pakke. I moren kan jeg begynne å si at det er 2 uker og x- antall dager igjen, i stedet for 3-uker og x-dager! bare det hjelper meg MYE! Gleder meg til jeg kan si at det er 1 uke og x-dager igjen! Og ikke minst til det bare er x.dager igjen... Ok, nå ble det mye her. Men dere skjønner tegninga. IKKE LENGE IGJEN! Det hjelper meg mye å tenke sånn når jeg står på jobben og serverer pizza hver dag.. 

The sun is my colour

// Sko- Din sko, jakke- H&M, hatt - Cubus //

I dag har jeg jobbet sammen med en ny servitør på jobben som heter Christian. Han var veldig flink til å være ny, også var har jo veldig koselig å jobbe sammen med da. Ellers har jeg jobbet i 10 timer og er sliten.. Gud som jeg gleder meg til å bruke alle de pengene jeg sliter for nå i LONDON!

Dressed in black.

Nye sko fra DinSko! Vila kjole, smykke som jeg har fikset selv og H&M vest.

Skal på jobb nå og jobber hele dagen. Nå begynner jobb ukene hvor jeg jobber hver dag neste frem til jeg drar til London (derav shoppingen i går... trengte en belønning før full innsats, he he). 

ACNE-toppen kostet forresten 695,- til dere som lurte. Vurderer også å kjøpe meg twisted genseren (den i gult og grønt) på nettet om noen av dere har sett den? 

Going Oslo.

Dagen i går var veldig koselig. Pappaen min bor sammen med brødrene mine, Albert og Elliot, og Lene, stemoren min, i et koselig hus et sted vi kaller fossen. Der bor det også kaniner, en hund, fisker og to mini skilpadder som er sååå søte!  I går var jeg i fossen, kjørte båt og drakk litt for mye vin. Det var en utrolig koselig kveld og jeg kjenner at den ble addet til gode-minner-jeg-ikke-kommer-til-å-glemme mappen. Det blir en sånn kveld man kan mimre om med å si "husker du når....". Så koselig var det. Fossen er hjemme, og sånn vil det alltid være.

Nå skal jeg straks inn til Oslo og jeg kjenner at jeg gleder meg til det. Jeg gleder meg alltid til å reise til Oslo. Oslo er herlig, det er bare noe med stemningen. Jeg gleder meg mest fordi jeg skal møte Guri, den gærne jenta jeg ble kjent med i USA og som betydde SÅ mye for meg det året jeg var der. Vet ikke hva jeg skulle gjort uten henne! Nå har jeg ikke sett henne på et år, bortsett fra noen få ganger i russetiden, og det blir så koselig å være sammen med henne igjen! 

I just put my hat on and smile.

// Sko - roots, hatt - bik bok, bazer - second hand, skjorts - Levis 501 //


I am Camilla, a 19-year-old Norwegian girl living in London. I study at Kingston University where I learn how to write like a journalist and think like a politician. This blog is my London life in pictures, my passion for fashion spot and the place where I write. . bloglovin bloglovin Romwe - The Latest Street Fashion


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