Zip it

Got it here

I woke up to this beautiful bag in my mail. A good start on a good day! I have some news for you - but they'll have to wait a little longer..

And today is my sisters birthday. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister!! 

I have to show you

I bought this beautiful sequin patterned top in a second hand store in Surbiton some weeks ago. It cost me 7 pounds. The fun part is that they have the EXACT same tops at Topshop (they are all unique with different pattern, but the same style) and they cost 99 pound! I feel so lucky :-)

Vintage Love.

Sweater - Urban Renewal 

I got this sweater when I went to London the other day from the Urban Renewal section at Urban Outfitters in Oxford Street - they hav e lot of good stuff!

Today Julie and I are making pancakes, kind of tierd of pasta and chicken - so we figured we would have to make something different. Excited!


It is all in the details.

Shirt collars from Ebay. 

New in.

Today I bought a new winter coat and a pair of shoes. The shoes are JUST the once I was looking for and the coat is PERFECT! It lookes ten times better than in the pictures, I promisse! I I am so happy. Got to love Zara! 

Saturday morning.

Liva is here and we are having a great time. She is in London now visiting City University while I am in bed still doing nothing. Yesterday we went to Oxford street for some shopping and dinner at "Bella Italia". I was not as pleased with what I ordered yesterday as I usually am, but the wine was great!  We ended the night in my room mixing drinks and eating norwegian chocolate. I can't even describe to you how good that tasted! 

Tonight we are going out in London, hopefully with a promoter that Julie ( got us yesterday! That means free entry and free drinks - can't say no to that!  I am planning on wearing the dress above - it is from TopShop and it's gorgeous! 

Now I am going out for a run! The weather is great and I need to run off some of the chocolate! Have a wonderful saturday!

This is the dress - worn as a skirt. I love the fabric!

There were three reasons why.

Asos platforms - £30

1. They were on sale, but so perfect I probably would have bought them full priced as well.

2. I am sick and I needed a cheer-up.

3. I needed  something new to wear for the H&M and ELLE magazine event I am going to next Wednesday.

..... And then there is the obvious reason that you can never have to many pairs of shoes. 


Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes. My new love! 
God them at TopShop last week - way cheaper then at home! I paid 100 pounds for them (950 Norwegian kroner) and they are definitely worth it! 

Say hello.

ENDELIG har jeg fått vært i en KLESbutikk her nede! 

Have a look! Zara, H&M, TopShop, Primark 

To love life is to love colors.

Autumn colors! 

Sweater - Vila clothing.

Skirt - Bik Bok

T-shirt - Berskha

4 DAGER IGJEN!!!!!!!!

Someday it will turn cold.

I got this really warm, nice jacket for when I leave! it is from Vila Luxe. No idea how to get it in my suitcase, so I believe I have to carry it... But it is worth it! Such an awesome jacket! 

Waiting for....

... This skirt to come for me! Bestilte det på (et av merkene som de fører på topshop) for en uke siden. Håper det kommer snart... skal jo ned i kofferten!

Har jeg fortalt dere hvor mye jeg gleder meg til å dra? Ja, jeg har vell det. Sånn type tusen ganger.. Men dere må bare leve med det en uke til nå før det begynner å skje SPENNENDE ting her! Hjemme skjer det lite om dagen. Jeg har nesten ingen venner igjen her (ingen som har tid i hvert fall) og den eneste som har tid til meg er jobben min. Dagene går fort, men jeg er rastløs hele tiden. Er så klar for å dra! Er liksom ikke mye igjen for meg å gjøre her hjemme nå. My new life is waiting for me in London!

Make it new

Fant en gammel olaskjorte fra BikBok, klippet av armene, og vips! Plutselig var det et helt nytt, genialt plagg:-)

Akkurat nå stresser jeg rundt og gjør meg klar til bursdagen til bestemor og byen med jentene! Gleder meg!


Denne ble med meg hjem fra Oslo i dag. Det var en fin, fin dag. 

Colors of autumn.

Converse it.

Converse All Star retro looking bag. Ebay love.

Perfekt som håndbagasje til London!

Think Pink.

Kjøper ikke ofte noe rosa, men jeg likte denne rosa skjorta fra Vila. 

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Just like the Indians used to wear.

// Sko fra Pull and Bear //

Ser for meg at indianerne brukte sånn... Jeg elsker dem. 


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