I am moving!

I am moving my blogg to femelle.no! I am so happy I got he offer and I am excited to move. I really hope you will stay with me :-) I also descided to change the name of my blog in the process of moving.

My new blog will be: mycitydiary.femelle.no 

It is not done yet, but I am working on it. It has been hard to get anything done as the internet here is still not working... it sucks! But soon I'll be back! 

Zip it

Got it here

I woke up to this beautiful bag in my mail. A good start on a good day! I have some news for you - but they'll have to wait a little longer..

And today is my sisters birthday. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister!! 

Things-to-do: "Ice Skating at Natural History Museum"

I am so sorry I haven't updated - but I have been going mad here for three days without ANY internet! It all of a sudden disappeared on Saturday, without any warning, and now we have been stranded for three days feeling lost as hell. What did we do before internet? I don't care; let's just not go back there. Three days was enough for me.

Anyway, Sunday was fun! We went to London with the Scandinavian Society (or the ten of us who showed up) and went ice skating outside the Natural History Museum. It was truly beautiful and, as you can see from the pictures, all decorated. With Christmas music in my ears the only thing missing was a little snow to make it all perfect. My Christmas spirit has arrived and I love it! 

What I wore the other day V

Last night.

I have to say that one of the best parts about uni is all the socials. Living in halls makes it even easier too as we all practically live on top of each other. Last night was fun! Let's just say we started out with plastic cups and ended with pitchers. We danced at Hippodrome and went to an afterparty with cheese fries and pizza. 

I am not planning on doing much today. I might go get some coffee, do some homework and sleep. Tonight I have a meeting in London which I will tell you more about later! 

Friday night!

I am on my out to drink coctails and dance with my girls in my new dress from Asos. I'll show you tomorrow! Have a great night

Things-to-do: "Primark"

Primark and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it for the same reason as every other Primark fan - it is cheap. Primark costs nothing. They have everything practically for free. Obviously, I am not the only person i England who likes all the good, cheap stuff they have at Primark which means that the store is always crowded. Lots of people, screaming kids and crazy women fighting over the best pars of shoes or the cutest handbag. Primark makes me feel as exhausted as a good run would do, but who did not say shopping was hard work?

However, I would say that it is worth it. You might be surprised by what they actually have! We are talking underwear, shoes, jewelry, clothes, jackets, hats, scarves, handbags and everything else you could possibly think off. Definitely a must when you visit London! They have a huge Primark store in Oxford Street, right by Marble Arch. I usually go to the one in Kingston, but the one in London is ten times bigger!

My two last Primark buys which cost me around 20 pounds (190 norwegian kroners). The shoes are probably going to kill me, but as I always say to myself, practise makes perfect. 

What is going on in our flat?

It's been a long time since I updated you on what's going on in uni life. So here you go: 

On Wednesday (which is the student night out) Gaby and I went to Eirill's flat in Kingston Hill (which is like faaaar away). Anyway, after buying tons of beer we got a free bus ride to her flat from a nice man who could not leave us standing along the road. Thanks to him we finally got to Kingston Hill and found ourselves standing outside this massive gate looking in on a palace. At that time we were really upset and could not understand why we hadn't applied to Kingston Hill. The place was a catch! There was only one problem - it was locked. I called Eirill and she could not understand what gate we where at - gate? there is no gate? And then when she finally worked it out she burst out laughing. We were on the wrong side of the road. Kingston Hill was on the other side, and let's say, looked a little more like a uni campus. People in palaces don't play beer pong either, but we did, and had a great night!

Here the other day I had a creative moment and decided to invite my flat mates and other people to a "cheese and wine night" (I even created an event on facebook). Eveyone brought food and drinks, Lorenzo, our wonderful Italian event though me that brie tastes really good if you melt it in the microwave. Anyway, there were plenty of wine and cheese for all of us and we had a great time! 

I want a new dress for Christmas.







Waiting, waiting, waiting.... 

I have to show you

I bought this beautiful sequin patterned top in a second hand store in Surbiton some weeks ago. It cost me 7 pounds. The fun part is that they have the EXACT same tops at Topshop (they are all unique with different pattern, but the same style) and they cost 99 pound! I feel so lucky :-)

Today's details

Wearing: dress - H&M,  sweater - H&M, necklace - E-bay

I am at school doing grammar work in journalism. Common mistakes. I know I need it, so I am not complaining.... But still, hopefully not the main happening of the day! 

New header!

Thea made this beautiful header for me! I am so excited - I have never had a pro header before and I really like this one! She is so good at it, I am amazed. Simple and perfect!

What do you think?? 

I am ready for December.

Wearing: dress - H&M, jacket - Vila, necklace - Indiska (old), bag - Lindex (old), shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Today I had one lecture at school and it was cancelled. It was supposed to start at 9 am, which meant that I had to get up early, shower, get dressed AND get to school by nine just to figure out that I could go back to sleep. At least I am awake and that is good because I really need to work on my final essay today (done with one, two more to go) and I promised Julie I would have dinner ready when she gets home from school. I am the perfect friend, I know. 

And guess what?? I am all done with my Christmas shopping. E-bay has been a great help and it feels so good be done! Now I am just going to lean back and watch everyone else stress around. Got to love December!

Things-to-do: "London for Christmas"

This might be a very obvious "thing-to-do" - but still, London is so beautiful and decorated  for Christmas so I figured I would write a post about it anyway. Here are som tips of what to do in London for Christmas: 

Oxford Street - Oxford Street is in a wonderful Christmas mood and everywhere you turn something reminds you of Christmas: the window displays, the street decorations or the people running around with their bags full of Christmas gifts. The street itself is super, super busy so make sure you have PLENTY of time. There are lines in all the stores and there is no way you can walk in a fast pace from store to store. Oxford Street, together with the whole of London, is extra busy during weekends.

Covet Garden - A beautiful area which are also very busy towards Christmas. It has many of the same chain stores as Oxford Street, but you can also find more specialist stores selling unique and different things. The perfect area to look for the more special Christmas gifts! 

Department stores and window displays -  You don't really have to buy anything to have fun in London during Christmas. Walking around and looking at the window displays is more than enough. These pictures are from a store where I live and from Selfridges in Oxford Street.

Winter Wonderland in Hyde park - This is described as the perfect place both for children and adults. This place looks like Santa's factory on the North Pole and gives you the ultimate Christmas spirit. I haven't been there yet, but I am going this weekend and I'll write a better post about it when I get back. 

Christmas in Kingston - Even Kingston, the town where I live, is decorated for Christmas. This is outside of our shopping center- The Bental's Center. I think Kingston is a way better place to do shopping at the moment because it is less crowded (even though its way more people than usual) than London. 

Other things:

Lighting of the Norwegian Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square 1.December - So excited for this Christmas tradition! Every year Oslo sends a Christmas tree to London to thank England for their help during the Second World War and every years it is lit the first of December. 

Christmas market at South Bank - Another market that is definitely worth checking out. It is a beautiful walk along the river Thames with lots of small Christmas shops. 


The only thing we are missing now is a tiny bit of snow......

(Pictures by me and Thea

Christmas is coming to town.

Wearing: top - second hand, pants - H&M divided, jacket - Vila, bag - Topshop

Today was a good day. I did not get to meet up with my friend because it was a tube chaos in London today and the Northern Line was closet. Off course, with my luck, that is the only line going to Camden Town and because I couldn't bother to figure out which bus to take I ended up in Covet Garden. No shame in that - Covet Garden is absolutely beautiful! It was way to crowded for my fast walking pace today though so I had to stroll along all day in a way slower tempo than usual. Even so, I got to take some pictures, buy some Christmas presents, (I am almost done, which means that I can spend my entire December budget on myself!!!)  eat dinner and watch a movie with Julie when she came along.

There is absolutely too many people in London in November/December. It seems like everyone is in London and there are tourists and people EVERYWHERE. I mean, you can't even walk in your regular pace because where ever you turn there will be somebody with a camera, a thousand bags or a barking dog.  Right now London is no place for privacy, no way in hell. It is exhausting. I am so happy I am only doing Christmas shopping this month, it would be a nightmare to stand in line for the fitting rooms.... Luckily, I have London for myself the rest of the year, or at least I am sharing it with fewer of the slow walking, photographing tourists waving their bags around.

Shoe heaven - Kurt Geiger two floor store in Covet Garden. Worth a look! 

Christmas is coming to town! All we need now is a little snow, (not too much, because that will stop the whole country) just enough to get everything dusty and white. 

Sneak peak

Wearing: pants - H&M, topp - Second hand (better pictures coming up!)

I am off to London to do some more Chritmas shopping, meet up with an old friend and have dinner with Julie to hear all the gossip about last night (I didn't get to go out because I was sick all day...) 

Have a great day! 

When your bed is the only one calling

Today I woke up with a headach worst than I ever have experienced in my life. It felt like someone was trying to blow my head up! So, well, no school for me today and I haven't left bed yet. It hate to feel like this both because I feel like I am waisting a lot of time AND because it is finally weekend and I am supposed to go out and have fun, see Twillight at the movies ang go to London and meet up with friends both Saturday and Sunday. I think I'll just stay in bed and hope I'll feel better by tonight.... Now I have to eat some more of my candy - paracetamol! Mmm..

Iris Apfel

Have any of you heard of this inspiring woman before? Well, I had not until I read a feature about here in ELLE magazine today. And I have to say - wow, what a woman! Iris Aphel is from New York and she is 90 years old and works as a designer, she has her own jewellery line, a makeup brand, she is making a documentary AND she manages all her around 40 phone calls and all her e-mails each day herself. I am impressed and have found my soul mate - I am telling you, this is me, in well.. Let's say 70 years. She is a fashion icon who has worked her way up to become a well known and trusted person in the fashion industry inspiring women all over the world. 

She also inspires me in what she says as she seems like a really wise and clever woman. When talking about fashion she said that "it's not how much it is, it is what it is" and then, which I liked even more "When I am going loony and need therapy I tell my husband - shopping is really cheaper than going to a psychiatrist".

"I don't think fashion is as flip as lots of people make it out to be. It's a very serious matter. It reflects what's going on in the world, the economy, sociology and the psychology of a certain period. The way you dress shows who you are and who you want to be."

If you haven't you really should read the feature about her in ELLE's december issue.


Old and new issues.

Wearing: shirt from ViIla.

I haven't really had the best day today, but my presentation went well. We were also told that we HAD to go home and read some more features so now I am going to cuddle up in bed with a cup of tea and the December issue of ELLE magazine and the Novmber issue of Innsikt - which I brought from Norway,but haven't read yet.

I hope you all had a better day than me!


My greatest inspiration.

Angelica Blick - the most fantastic blogger ever. She is my biggest inspiration and I love her, her style and her blog. If you haven't checked it out yet - you better! You are missing out on some good stuff. 

Vintage Love II

Wearing: sweater - Urban Renewal, pants - Dranella, bag - Topshop

Remember that I told you about the feature presentation I was going to have last week? Anyway, we never got as far down the list as my name, so I am presenting tomorrow. I just got home after talking to my teacher about which idea I should choose and I actually decided on something else than what I had planned. So now I have to prepare myself for tomorrow's brand new presentation! I am really glad I went and talked to her as I got to discuss my ideas AND she was really supporting and told me not to give up news writing yet (I have been having some problems getting along with that way of writing). I like her and can't wait to do magazine journalism with her next year!!

Speaking about next year, as I said, we have been informed about taking a year or a semester abroad next year. I have been thinking that I am already abroad, so why bother, but then, on the other hand I believe it is a great opportunity. To go abroad while being abroad - the journey within a journey. Or something like that. During lunchtime lecture today we talked about how cool it would be to go as a group to Istanbul - which is said to have a very good university and also to be a great place to live. We have to apply by February so luckily we still have some more time to figure it out...  

Vintage Love.

Sweater - Urban Renewal 

I got this sweater when I went to London the other day from the Urban Renewal section at Urban Outfitters in Oxford Street - they hav e lot of good stuff!

Today Julie and I are making pancakes, kind of tierd of pasta and chicken - so we figured we would have to make something different. Excited!


Today the colour is green.

Wearing: pants and top - H&M Trend, shoes - H&M divided, bag and necklace - Topshop, leather jacket - Vila

Don't really have that much to tell you today - I just got home from school and have sat down to start my essay about feminism. I'll write some more tonight! We had an interesting lecture today about studying abroad and I am thinking about doing it. Not sure yet though, but I'll tell you more about it later. Now I have to write!

Good Morning


Just stopping by to say good morning before running of to school! Have a great day :-)


London is my therapy

Wearing: skirt - Bik Bok, top - Vero Moda, cardigan - Vila, necklace - home made

You know how it feels when you have so much clothes in your closet, but nothing to wear? Today, that's how I felt like. I just kept staring at my clothes and couldn't figure out what the hell to wear. Even so, today was a good day because it gave me an excuse to have a therapy day. Some people prefer spa and pedicure as therapy, I prefer big city buzz, shopping and watching people all by myself. Me and London - that's my therapy. Back home I used to do the same, but then Oslo was my escape. I have to say I like London even more simply because it is more opportunities. So, skipping school and going shopping is my therapy. Call me weird and irresponsible, but that's how it works. That's how I work. Tomorrow I'll go to school as a new person - inside and outside. That's therapy. 


The collection looks fabulous in the window of H&M store in Oxford Street! I have my eye on several pieces - but I am not sure I'll make it to London on thursday. I like the collection because it is different, but unique. I am also very impressed by Versace - they have really gotten back on their feet the last couple of years! 

Watch out Egypt!

I totally forgot to tell you that Julie and I ordered a trip to Egypt in January on Saturday! I can't believe it yet because I am so excited - but I know it is going to be wonderful! Sun, sunbathing, drinks on the beach, good food and the best company! I know we'll have the best trip ever and I am SOOOO ready to go! 

Iberotel Palace Hotell - Sharm el sheikh

The feeling of Sunday

Wearing: sweater - H&M Trend, pants - old, shoes - H&M divided, necklace - Indiska, bag - second hand, coat - Cubus

I am not even feeling like straitening my hair as I am perfectly fine looking like a troll today. It is Sunday and I have no plans - except for eating McDonalds food and sleep. 

Yesterday was a lot of fun! We argued with a taxi driver, sang "Ja må han leva, ja må han leva" for the birthday kids, drank champagne and danced. 


Wearing: Vila dress

Sorry, I know the picture is bad. Ran out of time! Have a great night :-)

It is all in the details.

Shirt collars from Ebay. 

Les Miserables and Chinatown

I had a wonderful night and the show was GREAT! 

We started our night in Chinatown which is such a cool place. I ate great food and drank beautiful wine with wonderful company.

As I said, the show was really good! It is different to go and see a sad and tragic show like Les Miserables though -  because people tend to get waaaay more serious watching it. The man sitting right in front of us got mad because we were eating candy and kept saying "hysj!" all the time. I got upset because, hey - normal people eat candy when they watch a show, don't they? The break was really short as well, we barely made it to the bathroom before the bell rang and it was time to get back to our seats. I didn't even get time to buy another glass of wine... Bummer. But - we came for the show and it was beautiful! For me, the best part about Les Miserables is the music - both the melodies and the lyrics. It is a real piece of art, a piece of perfection. 

West End tonight.

Wearing: pants - Cubus, shoes -old, vest - H&M, sweater - Gina Trocot, bag - Topshop

I am so excited for tonight! The girls are going to London for dinner and a musical. My favorit musical - Les Miserable! I am so excited to see it at the West End because I have only seen it preformed in Norway so far. I love the music, the story, EVERYTHING. Such a beautiful musical! If you haven't seen it you should!

What I wore the other day IV

Done with October and almost half way through November - where does the time go?

London by night and a politcal meeting

London is THE most beautiful city I know off. Yesterday we walked through old-London, the area where the financial center, City is. Our walk from the tube station to the pub was a mysterious and wonderful walk full of old buildings, churches and narrow, hidden passage ways. To me it felt like a mixture of Jack the Ripper and Oliver Twist - just perfect!  

The reason why we went to this part of London was because we were going to a meeting with other Norwegian students who belong to the Labor party (AP) in Norway. I am not an AP voter, but I came with my friend, Julie to hear Trond Giske talk about the Euro zone crisis. Even though I don't identify myself with the party I learned A LOT about the crises (I even made a summary of what has happened from 2008 until today - I can post it here if anyone is interested??). I also got to meet many interesting people and ended up discussing politics with one guy for hours. He was a real, to-the-bone socialist, and let's say I am really not. We had a challenging discussion which ended up in Russia. Great fun!

I did not get to present my feature idea today - I'll be the first one next week, but it still was a great seminar! All the others had good ideas, but every time we gave feedback I always thought of ways to improve the ideas and make them even more interesting from the point of view of what I wanted to read. In the beginning I kept my ideas to myself, but half way through I couldn't hold it anymore and every time I spoke up my teacher said "YES - there is your idea! Just use what she said and it will be great." and she ended the lesson by saying "Camilla - are you a feature writer? If not, you are a natural!" 

This is my blog and I like to brag about myself, ha ha. Let's just say that's exactly what I needed to hear! No I am super motivated and very happy. Life is good. 

Iphone blog.

In 30 minutes I am doing my feature presentation! I am going to write a feature on "blogging and the future - where is it going to take us?" using the magazine "streetstyle" to support my angle.
Wish me luck! 


Sparkle like the stars above.

Wearing: VILA - sparkly sweater, H&M - vest.

Got to love sparkles! Going in to London now, I'll tell you more about it later! 

As the wonderful student I am....

Can anyone guess what I am doing one of my final essay's on? 

Life is good and I am back on track. Actually - I knew I was going to feel better in two, three days time because I always do. I adapt back into my England-life and everything is good. I read, eat, study, read some more, eat dinner with my wonderful block mates, talk, read and spend money. Yep, life is good. I spent an hour in the library this morning picking out books for my first final essay. I have decided to do the one in my module called "political ideologies" first. I am more excited about the one in "introduction to international relations", so I'll save that one for later. 

Today I ran out of "brunost" (a Norwegian cheese that I loooove) and I am mildly desperate! Luckily, I'll get some more when my friend from home is coming to London in December. I'll have to try to survive without it until then....

H&M SS 2011

Tines Wardrobe

 I simply adore it. Especially the orange colour and the white, knitted sweater. H&M is getting better and better! Me like. 

A Tuesday morning post.

Wearing: sweater - Primark, coat - Cubus, necklas - Topshop, bag - River Island

My lecture this morning was dead boring and I was so tired. I spend an entire hour talking to my friend on skype and reading newspapers because I was not able to focus, Oh well..

Today my plan is to start writing one of my final essays that are due in January. I want to have them done before I go home for Christmas so I only need to focus on having fun, ha ha. We have a pretty long Christmas holiday as school does not start until the end of January - so Julie and I was googeling Egypt vacations in January!!! I so want to go! Just lie on the beach and eat food all day - I really hope it will work out! It wasn't even than expensive. 

I have the rest of the day off but so many things to catch up on. At the moment I am not motivated because I am hungry. My fridge is broken so I don't have any food either.. Starbucks lunch maybe? I also have dinner plans tonight, Gaby and I are making stir fry - gosh I am hungry already. 

I am sorry this post did not make any sense....

Have a great day! 


While I was home I had to go to my favorit store in the whole world (the store where I used to work) and talk to the wonderful people working there - and off course buy some new clothes! The store has a wide range of brands but my favorit is VILA. They have so many nice clothes! 

Sparkle like a star and dance like a gypsy. Fits me perfectly! 

I also got my new clothing rail that I ordered through e-bay before I left for Norway. Well.... my closet is already full so I figured I would need some more space.. But the problem now is that the rail is full as well... Ha ha, I've got to much clothes and too little room! I am considering renting another room for my clothes next year. Just have to get rich first.

I am doing better today - I think some of the problem is that I am not used to this "quiet" life. I am not saying that we are not doing anything, because we are, but I am used to doing something ALL the time EVERY day. I mean, last year was crazy, I was juggling so many things at the same time all the time - I had school and I had to keep up my good grades, I worked out a lot, worked 5 days a week, spent time with friends, directed a whole show and tried to squeeze in some time with my family and having fun. This year is different because I am not completely into what I am doing yet and my everyday life now is pretty much all school and reading. I don't have my job here and I am not putting up a show. I don't need to juggle so much anymore and I believe that after a week at home I started missing my busy life. I know I had to much going on last year and that I really NEED to slow down, but it is easier said than done. And I miss having a job, not any job, but MY job. I have been considering applying for jobs here, but I don't know if it is much of a point since I will spend so much time at home during a year (we only have 11 weeks of actual school pr semester). Oh well... I had a wonderful first two months here, being home screwed me up a little, but I will be back on track soon. I know I will. 


I am Camilla, a 19-year-old Norwegian girl living in London. I study at Kingston University where I learn how to write like a journalist and think like a politician. This blog is my London life in pictures, my passion for fashion spot and the place where I write. . bloglovin bloglovin Romwe - The Latest Street Fashion


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