Some pictures from Saturday.

Wearing: dress - New Look, shoes - H&M Divided, fur coat - Ebay

This weekend has been all about Halloween. Even though I haven't really been dressing up (except for wearing my fur coat and a hat supposedly being a pimp on Saturday) there has been so many creative and scary people wandering around Kingston! Going to Oceana on Saturday felt like being in a horror movie... and I suppose it is going to be even worse tonight! I was going to go out but I don't think it is a good idea since I am in bed sick at the moment...  Oh well. I'll stay in bed and charge my batteries for my flight tomorrow! I am going home :-)

@ Pictures by my friends Gabriella and Clair. 

There is always something you haven't seen.

Yesterday Julie and I went to London to go to a museum - but guess what? We never got there. That is the thing with us. We plan to go somewhere, but we never get there because we always find some many other things to do along the way.... We are truly hopeless.The last three times we have been in London we have been planning to go to Primark as well, but we never got there either... Anyway - yesterday we spent walking and discovering places we haven't been before. We started out by the south bank (near London Eye) and walked along the Thames until we got to a cozy little pizza restaurant where we stopped to have lunch. 

Right outside the restaurant was a little "village" (I dont even know what to call it...) with small shops. It was really cute and we though it looked like Hunderfossen (that is a amusement park in Norway).

There is always small markets around the London Eye area. 

I Love the fact that London already is decorated for Christmas. It is so nice to walk around Christmas lights, decorations and trees even though it is still October. It makes me think of snow, buying Christmas present and listening to Christmas songs!  


This store had the craziest shoes I've ever seen! Around Carnaby Street (which I think is in Soho) you can find so many different and uniqe stores. They've got everything!

I love London! It is the best city in the world.


The sweet life.

Wearing: pants - H&M trend, polo shirt - Primark, necklase - H&M, clutch - New Look

Today has been one of those days when I go to bed thinking "this has been a good day". I'll sum it up for you.

I started out with the bus being on time for the first time in a week this morning. That was my first sign of a good day. At school I only had one seminar today and it was my favorite seminar with my favorite teacher. It is always fun but today it was even better because she had planned a little exercise for us. We had to find news on different topics from different sources and the group that did best would get Halloween treats as a price. And guess what! WE WON! Haha, I love winning and was so happy when we got our candy (it's not really the candy, I am just that kind of person who loves winning. Anything and whatever, as long as I win!). When the seminar was over we got out and RIGHT THERE was the bus. We didn't even have to wait one minute. 

And another thing... The sun was shining today! The whole day... I love my life. 

Anyway, after school Julie and I went to London to meet my stepdad for lunch. He is in town with some business friends for an Arsenal football match tomorrow. We were going to meet him at 2pm, but their plane was late, so we did not meet up until 4pm. Oh well, that gave us a couple hours in Oxford Street. And guess what, you really can't stay there for hours without shopping, so that's what we did. The sun was still shining. I love my life.

After our little shopping marathon we went to Hilton in Kensington to meet up with the others. When we got there we got a beer and lots of questions about our London life. It was really nice to see my stepdad as well! We stayed in the lobby drinking beer for a while (the boys drank six on the amount of time it took us to drink one... but, I think we did god). After the beer drinking we went off to this pub to eat. The only problem was... the pub was full. No table for 13 people, sorry sir. What would they have done without me? I went back in and talked to these two guys sitting at a huge table by themselves, smiled as sweet as I could and asked if we could please swap tables - and who can resist me? I got the table! 

We got our 2 o'clock lunch at 8.... I was almost dead by then because I hadn't eaten since breakfast. But the lasagna was great and the wine was even better. I think I got a job as well, travel company? I'll tell you more about that later. Still not totally sure what the plan is after being given the details in a noisy pub full of drinking people. It sounded fun though and I hope it will work out.

We ended our night with some more shopping (with some help from my wonderful stepdad) and frozen yogurt. 

The sun wasn't shining when we got home. It was already dark. But I still love my life :-)

One of these days

Laying in bed listening to Tim McGraw. Don't ask me why - it's just been one of those days. One of those days when I wake up thinking about Montana and my American year. Tim McGraw helps me with that year - I will never forget the day when my friend and I went to his concert in Seattle. It was in the middle of everything and he made my cry. He made me cry just with the words he sang. It was so beautiful and it hurt so much. I remember I had to sit down because it hurt so much. Those memories catch up with me sometimes. They are always there, under the surface. Even though they show up more rarely now, they always do. Always. I cannot explain what I feel but it always makes my want to cry. I miss it and I hate it. So many confusing feelings, so many hard feelings. Tim McGraw pretty much says it all - that's why I listen. 

New in.

Today I bought a new winter coat and a pair of shoes. The shoes are JUST the once I was looking for and the coat is PERFECT! It lookes ten times better than in the pictures, I promisse! I I am so happy. Got to love Zara! 

Things-to-do: "Brick Lane"

Brick Lane is a market in London. It is famous for its vintage and second hand stores, but you get everything there, not only vintage! Brick Lane is also an amazing area with so much to see. When we were there we visited two markets, Brick Lane and Old Spitafield market. They are both in the same area and all around these two markets you can find amazing shops for everything between heaven and earth! 

Old Spitafield market: Welcome to Old Spitalfields Market, one of London?s finest Victorian market halls set in an historic location in the heart of the City and one of the crown jewels of East London. You can dine in style, browse through the antique market, buyunique designer clothes and relax with a glass of fine wine watching the hustle and bustle of the City pass you by. Easy to find, Old Spitalfields Market is a short walk from both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East stations.

Spitafield market was more of a designers market than a vintage market. It is the place to get unique designes and special items. They had so much great design and even if you don't have money to spend it is a wonderful experience just walking around feeling the atmosphere. 

Old Spitafield market.

Brick Lane: London?s Brick Lane Market is a traditional flea-market affair, with a rich diversity of products and wares with everything from food, second-hand clothes (always worth a look for the retro-lovers), furniture, bric-a-brac, magazines, toiletries, sweets, electrical equipment and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in between. 

Brick Lane is heaven! Vintage heaven! I found so many great items in Brick Lane, all unique and special. That is what I love the most about Brick Lane, it had a huge variety of vintage - all special in its own way. I also loved just walking around looking at all the people dressed in a chicy, retro kind of way. It really got me inspired!

I would really recommend going to Brick Lane on a day-trip if you are in London. There is so much to see and so much to explore, I haven't even seen any of it yet!

Monday morning look

Wearing: shorts - Top Shop, sweater - Zara, shoes - ASOS, nails - Deborah Lippmann

I am on my way out to write my first real news story. The only problem now is that I found what I want to write about, but still, I am missing my news angle... Oh well. I am going to go and listen to a lecture by Max Howard who is a really famous Hollywood producer. I am thinking that I'll find my angle during his talk or during the interview I am hoping to get afterwards.... Wish me luck! 

The further you get away, the more you realize you love them.

I was looking through my pictures on facebook and all of a sudden it hit me that a forward looking, hard shelled person like me actually can get homesick. There is something soft in there and it is not an everyday thing for me to realize that. I miss my friends. The awesome, amazing, fun, loving and wonderful people at home. The people that knows me, for better and for worst and who makes my day, over and over again. Gosh, all the pictures from the past year makes me want to smile, laugh and cry. I remember all the moments and all I can do is shake my head and smile. I have my moments I guess when the ice melts and I stand alone in the middle of a sea. A little scattered maybe, but never drowning. There is no need too because I always have everything I need right with me. Poetic, oh well, in some sort it makes sense to me. Perfect sense. I love these people so much it makes my heart ache and I am so happy to have them in my life. It might sound cheesy, but it's a fact. The simple, pure fact. Even though I am having the time of my life and living my dream the ice sometimes melts and I realize that there is only one place I can call home. And with that home comes all the people I love and all the moments we shared. It is as simple as that. No complications. No fuzz. The ice sometimes melt, and you know what? I kind of like it.  

 That was the most heart opening post from me in a while. The ice doesn't melt and flow over that often but when it does, I'll let you know.

Things-to-do: "Chinawhite"

Last night we went to Chinawhite in Cental London. We fixed the deal with the promoter which meant free entrance and free drinks! But, oh my god, it was such a porch place! The drinks were £14 and the shots £10.50!!! That is craziness! It is even more expensive than in Norway! And in England, that is BAD! We're so used to £2 drinks at Oceana here in Kingston so it took some while before I got over the price-shock. The good thing was that since the place was so porch it was full of people with money. Me and Julie found a couple of guys that we hung out with and well, let's just say we got some more free drinks. Had a good night even though I ended up scaring off the boys crying like a baby because a stupid lady refused to give me my jacket....

Today all I want to do is lay in bed and eat the wonderful chocolate Liva brought me. It was so nice to have her here. Wish she could have stayed one more day though, because I was not the best company today....

I have to eat some more chocolate and watch a movie now. Good night! 

Saturday morning.

Liva is here and we are having a great time. She is in London now visiting City University while I am in bed still doing nothing. Yesterday we went to Oxford street for some shopping and dinner at "Bella Italia". I was not as pleased with what I ordered yesterday as I usually am, but the wine was great!  We ended the night in my room mixing drinks and eating norwegian chocolate. I can't even describe to you how good that tasted! 

Tonight we are going out in London, hopefully with a promoter that Julie ( got us yesterday! That means free entry and free drinks - can't say no to that!  I am planning on wearing the dress above - it is from TopShop and it's gorgeous! 

Now I am going out for a run! The weather is great and I need to run off some of the chocolate! Have a wonderful saturday!

This is the dress - worn as a skirt. I love the fabric!

Journalism: This is how a news story works.

Just some random pictures taken this morning - the first one, which it chicken wok with sweet chilli saus (it tasted so good!) is to prove to my mom that I follow the recopies she sends me on facebook.


I just got home from a journalism seminar where we have been working more with how to write news stories. I have learned so much about news and how news stories are structured the last weeks, and it is so interesting because it is all obvious things that I've never thought about before.

I'll give you some examples: 

  • A news story is always created as a pyramid. The most interesting facts are always in the top - it is created so that the reader can stop reading when they don't feel like they need any more information without worrying that important information is being held back. (mainly it is created this way so that subeditors can cut the story from the bottom up without losing important information)
  • The intro HAS to grab the reader's attention - or else there is no way he'll keep on reading.
  • Never more than 20-30 words in an intro and it have to describe WHO it is about and WHAT has happened. 
  • Rudyard Kipling's six questions always have to be answered - WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHERE, WHEN and WHY. 
  • There is not a point of view in a news story - but a news angle comes from the reporter's interpretation of events - which they invite the reader to share.

A there is a lot more! These are only a few examples of what I have learned so far. The scary part now is that we have to go out and find a news story and hand it in by Tuesday. It scares me because it seems hard to go out and find a story that has not been written about yet. I am just hoping that something exciting will happen when we go out in London this weekend!

My friend Liva is staying this weekend. I am so excited to see her! It is going to be a bit of a challenge though because we have to share my one tiny single bed...  Oh well, we'll work it out!


Source: "Writing for jourlalists" by Wynford Hicks

H&M and ELLE event

Wearing: shoes - Dune, blazer - H&M, sweater - Gina Tricot, dress worn as a skirt - Top Shop, clutch worn as a bag - New Look
I actually ended up wearing something else...

Today we went to the H&M and ELLE event. It was short, but fun! Or, the talking part of the event was short and the shopping part looong..... Anyway, we got to listen to one of ELLE's fashion reporters talk about her job, what she does and which trends ELLE had picked out as the most important this autumn. After listening to her I yet again got the feeling that fashion journalism is something I could really enjoy doing! Maybe that is where I'll start out? Who knows.....

We ended the night at Mc Donald's talking about Christmas traditions since the whole city of London has begun to put Christmas decorations up already. It feels to early, it is only October.. Still, the time flies by so fast.

Had a great night in London with the girls!

Baby, it is cold outside.

Wearing: knit - Primark, coat - vintage, scarf - H&M, pants - old

It has been so warm here lately that I haven't been able to wear all the cozy big knits that I brought from home. I actually wished for it to be colder so I could wear them! Today it got a lot colder because of the wind, so I could finally pack myself in a scarf, my new vintage jacket and a knit. The three reasons why I love autumn. 

At the moment it feels like there are not enough hours in a day. I have so much to do, so much to read and write and at the same time there are all these events going on. Today I went to a welcome reception at the Rose theatre, tomorrow I am going to an audition for a play called "Steel Magnolia" and on Wednesday we are going to London for the H&M/ELLE event. I am not complaining, I love to have a lot to do, but I hate to feel like I never get anything done. Each week we get a new list of chapters and books to read and every time I start on a new list I feel like I never really had the time to finish the last one. 

Oh well, this is university life I guess. You are not supposed to get everything read because there is always a new book to read.... 

Brick Lane

// Top and jacket - Zara, skirt - H&M, necklace - Primark, shoes - old, bag - second hand//

Today we went to Brick Lane which is a huge market in central London. It was fantastic! I really loved it. To bad I had so little money to spend today, because I found so many beautiful and unique things! Oh well, once I got some more money I know where to bring them! 
I am going to bed now after studying for a while... So much to read! It feels like I never get anywhere....

I'll write a more in-debt post about Brick Lane later on this week which will describe how to get there, where to go etc.  To tired to do it now...

I-phone pics from the last couple of days.

Thursday night out at Oceana. SO CROWDED! Calvin Harris was playing and there were WAY to many people on the dance floor. You could barley move out there.... Too bad, cause the music was really good.  

Classic, yeah, I know... But, Caramel Macchiato is still the best!

 Primark = the best place on earth when you are a student. So cheap! I bought a beautiful burgundy sweater that I know I'll wear A LOT for only £12 (120 kr!!)

There were three reasons why.

Asos platforms - £30

1. They were on sale, but so perfect I probably would have bought them full priced as well.

2. I am sick and I needed a cheer-up.

3. I needed  something new to wear for the H&M and ELLE magazine event I am going to next Wednesday.

..... And then there is the obvious reason that you can never have to many pairs of shoes. 

Take me to St.Tropez

St.Tropez tanning lotion - £19

Why be white when you can be tan all year long? I am not a huge fan of self tanning because I do not like the smell or the orange colour that you usually get. Today I learned that if you just spend some money on a good product you do not have to end up looking like a carrot. I liked this lotion a lot and I got a nice, tan colour right away that didn't look fake at all. Just be careful to scrub your body and apply body lotion for an even surface before using the tanning lotion. 
The best thing about it - I am not orange and there is almost no smell. 

Definitely worth a try. 

You can get it here or here


//Skirt and scarf - H&M, sweater - Vila, Ring - E-bay//

I am trying to read about the Cold War and Liberalism but at the moment I find it really hard. I had a good day at school though, and once again I was convinced that  feature writing is what I want to do. I am especially good at finding ideas for the "how too....." pieces at the moment. You can put everything together with those to words and make it a story. Not that I want to become a "how-to" writer, but I had fun playing with those two words making them into different ideas today. 

There is a second reason why I had a good day today -  I actually fell asleep last night! I have had serious trouble sleeping and I have been laying awake till 3am-4am every night lately. I don't even know why, I just can't sleep. Anyway, I went to Boots yesterday and I got earplugs and organic sleeping pills. I did not have a whole lot of faith in it, but it did work! I feel like a brand new person today, ha ha.

Tonight we're going out Oceana where  Calvin Harris is playing. You know that guy with the "Bounce" song? Anyway, I am excited!!!  

Things-to-do: "La Tasca"

As I said, we tried out a new restaurant last night. It is called "La Tasca" and it serves the real, Spanish tapas. We were all very hungry and decided to go for the three course menu with wine and on the side we ordered bread. It was a lot of food! More than enough. I really liked the dim atmosphere of the restaurant. It made me sit back and enjoy my food even more. 

I would really recommend this restaurant! I actually wish we would have had even more time there because tapas are supposed to be a slow-meal. Or, in other words, a meal that you spend a lot of time eating. They also had some delicious desserts that I want to try out next time.

I am having a friend over next weekend and I think I might take her to "La Tasca" - definately one of the best restaurants that we have tried in Kingston so far.

With this said I have started this new category on my blog called "Things-to-do" where I mostly will recommend things to do in Kingston/London such as places to eat, stores to go shopping, markets etc. Just to give you some tips if you are ever to come to this area of London. Most of the places I recommed can also be found in central London. 

There is always something to read

1. Feature writing for journalists - one of the many books I read at the moment. 2. Me. 3. Coffees are essential while studying for hours to not fall asleep. 4. "World in Collision - Terror and the Future of Global Orde"r - a 300 page book about terrorism. 5. Elle Magazine November issue - what I read when I need a break from my studies. 

Not much to say other than that I read a lot. A whole lot actually. My reading list, as I said earlier is huge and I am trying to read two-three of the books every week (times two modules = 6 books). Sometimes there are only chapters but mostly it is whole books that I have to read. I find it hard to focus on one book for a long period of time so I have to take coffee breaks and switch where I sit and read from time to time. Today I have been reading "Worlds in Collision" for five straight hours. It is actually a really interesting book which makes it much easier to read. 

At the moment I am having a study-break getting ready to go out and eat tapas with the girls. We have been recommended a Spanish tapas restaurant down town that we are planning to try out tonight. Later on we are going to the movies to watch "crazy, stupid love": 


Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes. My new love! 
God them at TopShop last week - way cheaper then at home! I paid 100 pounds for them (950 Norwegian kroner) and they are definitely worth it! 

Walk with me.

Some pictures from Kingston, the place in London where I live. It is so beautiful! Every time I go out and walk the promenade I am astonished. It is so idyllic and peaceful. Perfection that is what it is. If you ever go to London I would really recommend going to Kingston on a day-trip - it is only 20 minutes from Waterloo station by train. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful, cultivated place. I have everything I need here and even more. There is nothing else to say than: I love it! 

When we walked into town we found this cute, little candy shop. They had a lot of American candy such as nerds, and fruit loops, which used to be my favorite cereal when I lived in America. We also learned that going out of the "main" center to get food at some of the smaller cafes are so much smarter, especially to save some money. Starbuckes and Costa are so expensive compared to these smaller, local cafes. Today we ate very good wraps at one of these places for only 2.70 pounds (25 kr).

What I wore the other day III

Let me tell you a news story.

We had fun on Wednesday. Went to Oceana where half of the people were dressed in Army clothes because of a sports event. 

I am enjoying journalism and today during our seminar we got a really challenging task. Michelle Hather, our teacher (and my favorite teacher so far) just walked in and said "go out and find me a news story" and off we went. My groupes key word for our story was "students", so we went to the student union office. After talking to some people who worked there we decided to go for a story on the army event (the one that I went too) on Wednesday. We interviewed a girl working at the union and I texted my friend, who is the rowing captain, to get some comments from him. It came out pretty well and even though it was kind of stressful and challenging, I learned a lot from it. I am starting to realize that journalism, writing and working against the clock is perfect for me. I am loving it! I am also thinking that feature writing would be even more fun than news writing. When writing features you do not have to follow an exact set of rules and it is more "create your own style" type of writing, which I prefer. Either way, I love my course and I guess I have decided to major in it next year.

To discuss like a pro.

// Shoes - Dune, Feather necklace - H&M divided, Pants - old, Sweater - Gina Tricot, White shirt - H&M divided, Watch - Michael Kors, Ring - Aldo //

Every Wednesday at 11am I have my most interesting seminar during my week. Interesting, not mainly because of what we learn, but because we discuss political issues. I love discussing politics and in my seminar group there is, well let's say, a few others who likes that too. We end up having some pretty overheated discussions like today when we were discussing different ideologies. People tend to get really fired up, talk over each other and almost scream to get their meanings across.  I enjoy it, but if someone was to randomly walk in to the room while this was going on i bet they would have a bit of a shock. 

Today I found myself in a group where almost everyone disagreed with my political standpoints. Oh well, lets just say we had a pretty harsh discussion. 
But on the other hand - that's what politics are all about, right? 

All I did today was homework.

A picture of the girls from this weekend.

I am being a sleepy student today. I have had trouble sleeping the last two nights (no idea why) and I really need to cash up on my sleep tonight. 

I only had one lecture today, from 9-10, and then I had the rest of the day "off". "Off" in that sense that I had lots of school work to do. So I went to town and found a nice, large table at Costa and sat there for hours drinking coffee and reading newspapers, answering questions about ideologies and writing my journalism essay for tomorrow. After working for so many hours I felt even more tired and my plan changed from going to a step class to eating pizza with Julie. Student life on its best. 

And guess what, I still have some more homework left...

Gypsy girl.

// Shorts - Levis 501 gypsy version - Urban Outfitters//

School has really kicked in now. Lots of work to do and even more to read. This week we're learning about the Cold War in International Relations which is a war that I find really fascinating. Just the fact that is one of the most controversial and discussed wars ever, and it wasn't even a real war. Oh well, as I said, I find it interesting. 

Later one today I am going to a Body Pump class at YMCA, the fitness center in Surbition that we just signed up for. It feels really good to be back in old work-out habits again after they were pretty much non-existent this summer. 

Oxford Street

// Shoes - DinSko, Skirt -, Phone case - H&M, Jacket - Vila, Bag - Second hand//

As I said we went to Oxford Street today. We were thinking before we left that we would spend some hours in Oxford and then move one. That never happened. I believe that Oxford is such a huge, crowded place that once you're there you're there. You have to spend the day or just give it up. So many people, lots of traffic and stores so huge that you can easily get lost in one of them. Oxford Street makes me wish that I was really, really rich. So many nice clothes, shoes and everything else you could ever imagine. I wanted to go and see the new Forever21 store today as well, but we never got that far either. Oh well, there will be another chance I guess. 

Had a great day with the girls and one of my dreams came true... I'll show you later!

October BBQ

// Shorts- second hand, phone case - H&M, jacket - Zara, sweater - Berskha //

Yesterday we actually did a BBQ. In October. It felt pretty weird, or different, but I am not complaining. The weather is so great and the fact that I sat outside in the sun, even getting a little tan yesterday, makes me happy. I've heard that the weather is pretty good at home too, so I guess we are not the only lucky once. 

Today we are going in to London to do what all tourists do - shopping at Oxford Street! We have been in London a couple times since we got here, but I haven't even been near Oxford yet, so I am really looking forward to it. Still have some of the money I earned in August left, but I have to be careful... Oh well, with such a great weather it won't be hard enjoying a day in London anyways!


I am Camilla, a 19-year-old Norwegian girl living in London. I study at Kingston University where I learn how to write like a journalist and think like a politician. This blog is my London life in pictures, my passion for fashion spot and the place where I write. . bloglovin bloglovin Romwe - The Latest Street Fashion


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