Last night.

I have to say that one of the best parts about uni is all the socials. Living in halls makes it even easier too as we all practically live on top of each other. Last night was fun! Let's just say we started out with plastic cups and ended with pitchers. We danced at Hippodrome and went to an afterparty with cheese fries and pizza. 

I am not planning on doing much today. I might go get some coffee, do some homework and sleep. Tonight I have a meeting in London which I will tell you more about later! 

What is going on in our flat?

It's been a long time since I updated you on what's going on in uni life. So here you go: 

On Wednesday (which is the student night out) Gaby and I went to Eirill's flat in Kingston Hill (which is like faaaar away). Anyway, after buying tons of beer we got a free bus ride to her flat from a nice man who could not leave us standing along the road. Thanks to him we finally got to Kingston Hill and found ourselves standing outside this massive gate looking in on a palace. At that time we were really upset and could not understand why we hadn't applied to Kingston Hill. The place was a catch! There was only one problem - it was locked. I called Eirill and she could not understand what gate we where at - gate? there is no gate? And then when she finally worked it out she burst out laughing. We were on the wrong side of the road. Kingston Hill was on the other side, and let's say, looked a little more like a uni campus. People in palaces don't play beer pong either, but we did, and had a great night!

Here the other day I had a creative moment and decided to invite my flat mates and other people to a "cheese and wine night" (I even created an event on facebook). Eveyone brought food and drinks, Lorenzo, our wonderful Italian event though me that brie tastes really good if you melt it in the microwave. Anyway, there were plenty of wine and cheese for all of us and we had a great time! 

Old and new issues.

Wearing: shirt from ViIla.

I haven't really had the best day today, but my presentation went well. We were also told that we HAD to go home and read some more features so now I am going to cuddle up in bed with a cup of tea and the December issue of ELLE magazine and the Novmber issue of Innsikt - which I brought from Norway,but haven't read yet.

I hope you all had a better day than me!


As the wonderful student I am....

Can anyone guess what I am doing one of my final essay's on? 

Life is good and I am back on track. Actually - I knew I was going to feel better in two, three days time because I always do. I adapt back into my England-life and everything is good. I read, eat, study, read some more, eat dinner with my wonderful block mates, talk, read and spend money. Yep, life is good. I spent an hour in the library this morning picking out books for my first final essay. I have decided to do the one in my module called "political ideologies" first. I am more excited about the one in "introduction to international relations", so I'll save that one for later. 

Today I ran out of "brunost" (a Norwegian cheese that I loooove) and I am mildly desperate! Luckily, I'll get some more when my friend from home is coming to London in December. I'll have to try to survive without it until then....


While I was home I had to go to my favorit store in the whole world (the store where I used to work) and talk to the wonderful people working there - and off course buy some new clothes! The store has a wide range of brands but my favorit is VILA. They have so many nice clothes! 

Sparkle like a star and dance like a gypsy. Fits me perfectly! 

I also got my new clothing rail that I ordered through e-bay before I left for Norway. Well.... my closet is already full so I figured I would need some more space.. But the problem now is that the rail is full as well... Ha ha, I've got to much clothes and too little room! I am considering renting another room for my clothes next year. Just have to get rich first.

I am doing better today - I think some of the problem is that I am not used to this "quiet" life. I am not saying that we are not doing anything, because we are, but I am used to doing something ALL the time EVERY day. I mean, last year was crazy, I was juggling so many things at the same time all the time - I had school and I had to keep up my good grades, I worked out a lot, worked 5 days a week, spent time with friends, directed a whole show and tried to squeeze in some time with my family and having fun. This year is different because I am not completely into what I am doing yet and my everyday life now is pretty much all school and reading. I don't have my job here and I am not putting up a show. I don't need to juggle so much anymore and I believe that after a week at home I started missing my busy life. I know I had to much going on last year and that I really NEED to slow down, but it is easier said than done. And I miss having a job, not any job, but MY job. I have been considering applying for jobs here, but I don't know if it is much of a point since I will spend so much time at home during a year (we only have 11 weeks of actual school pr semester). Oh well... I had a wonderful first two months here, being home screwed me up a little, but I will be back on track soon. I know I will. 

One of those days.

I was going to come back, make a good meal and take some outfit pictures for you but things did not turn out the way I planned today. I am back - but that is pretty much it. I had a wonderful week at home, but it went by so quickly. 

I over slept today because my alarm did not go off and I woke up when my dad arrived to pick me up. I had to pack and get ready in five minutes with a banging headache. Luckily, I made my flight and got to the gate in time. People stared at me on the plane because I cried. I can't even explain it, I just cried. 

I am fine, I am always fine. It is just one of those days. One of those days when everything hurts and I don't know how to handle anything. I don't know if it is good or bad, right or wrong. I just know that it is the way it is and today it hurts. That's the way it works when you are reminded of something so perfect and then it is taken away from you so soon. It hurts, but I loved the moments and I will hold on to them. 

Give me a day or two and I'll be okay. I'll write you then. 

Going home!

Today I am going home to Norway! I'll spend a week with my friends, family and at work. I am so looking forward to it! My own bed, my moms food, my wonderful friends and my awesome family! 

I'll try to keep you posted! Stay tuned :-)

Some pictures from Saturday.

Wearing: dress - New Look, shoes - H&M Divided, fur coat - Ebay

This weekend has been all about Halloween. Even though I haven't really been dressing up (except for wearing my fur coat and a hat supposedly being a pimp on Saturday) there has been so many creative and scary people wandering around Kingston! Going to Oceana on Saturday felt like being in a horror movie... and I suppose it is going to be even worse tonight! I was going to go out but I don't think it is a good idea since I am in bed sick at the moment...  Oh well. I'll stay in bed and charge my batteries for my flight tomorrow! I am going home :-)

@ Pictures by my friends Gabriella and Clair. 

The sweet life.

Wearing: pants - H&M trend, polo shirt - Primark, necklase - H&M, clutch - New Look

Today has been one of those days when I go to bed thinking "this has been a good day". I'll sum it up for you.

I started out with the bus being on time for the first time in a week this morning. That was my first sign of a good day. At school I only had one seminar today and it was my favorite seminar with my favorite teacher. It is always fun but today it was even better because she had planned a little exercise for us. We had to find news on different topics from different sources and the group that did best would get Halloween treats as a price. And guess what! WE WON! Haha, I love winning and was so happy when we got our candy (it's not really the candy, I am just that kind of person who loves winning. Anything and whatever, as long as I win!). When the seminar was over we got out and RIGHT THERE was the bus. We didn't even have to wait one minute. 

And another thing... The sun was shining today! The whole day... I love my life. 

Anyway, after school Julie and I went to London to meet my stepdad for lunch. He is in town with some business friends for an Arsenal football match tomorrow. We were going to meet him at 2pm, but their plane was late, so we did not meet up until 4pm. Oh well, that gave us a couple hours in Oxford Street. And guess what, you really can't stay there for hours without shopping, so that's what we did. The sun was still shining. I love my life.

After our little shopping marathon we went to Hilton in Kensington to meet up with the others. When we got there we got a beer and lots of questions about our London life. It was really nice to see my stepdad as well! We stayed in the lobby drinking beer for a while (the boys drank six on the amount of time it took us to drink one... but, I think we did god). After the beer drinking we went off to this pub to eat. The only problem was... the pub was full. No table for 13 people, sorry sir. What would they have done without me? I went back in and talked to these two guys sitting at a huge table by themselves, smiled as sweet as I could and asked if we could please swap tables - and who can resist me? I got the table! 

We got our 2 o'clock lunch at 8.... I was almost dead by then because I hadn't eaten since breakfast. But the lasagna was great and the wine was even better. I think I got a job as well, travel company? I'll tell you more about that later. Still not totally sure what the plan is after being given the details in a noisy pub full of drinking people. It sounded fun though and I hope it will work out.

We ended our night with some more shopping (with some help from my wonderful stepdad) and frozen yogurt. 

The sun wasn't shining when we got home. It was already dark. But I still love my life :-)

One of these days

Laying in bed listening to Tim McGraw. Don't ask me why - it's just been one of those days. One of those days when I wake up thinking about Montana and my American year. Tim McGraw helps me with that year - I will never forget the day when my friend and I went to his concert in Seattle. It was in the middle of everything and he made my cry. He made me cry just with the words he sang. It was so beautiful and it hurt so much. I remember I had to sit down because it hurt so much. Those memories catch up with me sometimes. They are always there, under the surface. Even though they show up more rarely now, they always do. Always. I cannot explain what I feel but it always makes my want to cry. I miss it and I hate it. So many confusing feelings, so many hard feelings. Tim McGraw pretty much says it all - that's why I listen. 

Journalism: This is how a news story works.

Just some random pictures taken this morning - the first one, which it chicken wok with sweet chilli saus (it tasted so good!) is to prove to my mom that I follow the recopies she sends me on facebook.


I just got home from a journalism seminar where we have been working more with how to write news stories. I have learned so much about news and how news stories are structured the last weeks, and it is so interesting because it is all obvious things that I've never thought about before.

I'll give you some examples: 

  • A news story is always created as a pyramid. The most interesting facts are always in the top - it is created so that the reader can stop reading when they don't feel like they need any more information without worrying that important information is being held back. (mainly it is created this way so that subeditors can cut the story from the bottom up without losing important information)
  • The intro HAS to grab the reader's attention - or else there is no way he'll keep on reading.
  • Never more than 20-30 words in an intro and it have to describe WHO it is about and WHAT has happened. 
  • Rudyard Kipling's six questions always have to be answered - WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHERE, WHEN and WHY. 
  • There is not a point of view in a news story - but a news angle comes from the reporter's interpretation of events - which they invite the reader to share.

A there is a lot more! These are only a few examples of what I have learned so far. The scary part now is that we have to go out and find a news story and hand it in by Tuesday. It scares me because it seems hard to go out and find a story that has not been written about yet. I am just hoping that something exciting will happen when we go out in London this weekend!

My friend Liva is staying this weekend. I am so excited to see her! It is going to be a bit of a challenge though because we have to share my one tiny single bed...  Oh well, we'll work it out!


Source: "Writing for jourlalists" by Wynford Hicks

Brick Lane

// Top and jacket - Zara, skirt - H&M, necklace - Primark, shoes - old, bag - second hand//

Today we went to Brick Lane which is a huge market in central London. It was fantastic! I really loved it. To bad I had so little money to spend today, because I found so many beautiful and unique things! Oh well, once I got some more money I know where to bring them! 
I am going to bed now after studying for a while... So much to read! It feels like I never get anywhere....

I'll write a more in-debt post about Brick Lane later on this week which will describe how to get there, where to go etc.  To tired to do it now...

I-phone pics from the last couple of days.

Thursday night out at Oceana. SO CROWDED! Calvin Harris was playing and there were WAY to many people on the dance floor. You could barley move out there.... Too bad, cause the music was really good.  

Classic, yeah, I know... But, Caramel Macchiato is still the best!

 Primark = the best place on earth when you are a student. So cheap! I bought a beautiful burgundy sweater that I know I'll wear A LOT for only £12 (120 kr!!)


//Skirt and scarf - H&M, sweater - Vila, Ring - E-bay//

I am trying to read about the Cold War and Liberalism but at the moment I find it really hard. I had a good day at school though, and once again I was convinced that  feature writing is what I want to do. I am especially good at finding ideas for the "how too....." pieces at the moment. You can put everything together with those to words and make it a story. Not that I want to become a "how-to" writer, but I had fun playing with those two words making them into different ideas today. 

There is a second reason why I had a good day today -  I actually fell asleep last night! I have had serious trouble sleeping and I have been laying awake till 3am-4am every night lately. I don't even know why, I just can't sleep. Anyway, I went to Boots yesterday and I got earplugs and organic sleeping pills. I did not have a whole lot of faith in it, but it did work! I feel like a brand new person today, ha ha.

Tonight we're going out Oceana where  Calvin Harris is playing. You know that guy with the "Bounce" song? Anyway, I am excited!!!  

There is always something to read

1. Feature writing for journalists - one of the many books I read at the moment. 2. Me. 3. Coffees are essential while studying for hours to not fall asleep. 4. "World in Collision - Terror and the Future of Global Orde"r - a 300 page book about terrorism. 5. Elle Magazine November issue - what I read when I need a break from my studies. 

Not much to say other than that I read a lot. A whole lot actually. My reading list, as I said earlier is huge and I am trying to read two-three of the books every week (times two modules = 6 books). Sometimes there are only chapters but mostly it is whole books that I have to read. I find it hard to focus on one book for a long period of time so I have to take coffee breaks and switch where I sit and read from time to time. Today I have been reading "Worlds in Collision" for five straight hours. It is actually a really interesting book which makes it much easier to read. 

At the moment I am having a study-break getting ready to go out and eat tapas with the girls. We have been recommended a Spanish tapas restaurant down town that we are planning to try out tonight. Later on we are going to the movies to watch "crazy, stupid love": 

Walk with me.

Some pictures from Kingston, the place in London where I live. It is so beautiful! Every time I go out and walk the promenade I am astonished. It is so idyllic and peaceful. Perfection that is what it is. If you ever go to London I would really recommend going to Kingston on a day-trip - it is only 20 minutes from Waterloo station by train. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful, cultivated place. I have everything I need here and even more. There is nothing else to say than: I love it! 

When we walked into town we found this cute, little candy shop. They had a lot of American candy such as nerds, and fruit loops, which used to be my favorite cereal when I lived in America. We also learned that going out of the "main" center to get food at some of the smaller cafes are so much smarter, especially to save some money. Starbuckes and Costa are so expensive compared to these smaller, local cafes. Today we ate very good wraps at one of these places for only 2.70 pounds (25 kr).

Let me tell you a news story.

We had fun on Wednesday. Went to Oceana where half of the people were dressed in Army clothes because of a sports event. 

I am enjoying journalism and today during our seminar we got a really challenging task. Michelle Hather, our teacher (and my favorite teacher so far) just walked in and said "go out and find me a news story" and off we went. My groupes key word for our story was "students", so we went to the student union office. After talking to some people who worked there we decided to go for a story on the army event (the one that I went too) on Wednesday. We interviewed a girl working at the union and I texted my friend, who is the rowing captain, to get some comments from him. It came out pretty well and even though it was kind of stressful and challenging, I learned a lot from it. I am starting to realize that journalism, writing and working against the clock is perfect for me. I am loving it! I am also thinking that feature writing would be even more fun than news writing. When writing features you do not have to follow an exact set of rules and it is more "create your own style" type of writing, which I prefer. Either way, I love my course and I guess I have decided to major in it next year.

All I did today was homework.

A picture of the girls from this weekend.

I am being a sleepy student today. I have had trouble sleeping the last two nights (no idea why) and I really need to cash up on my sleep tonight. 

I only had one lecture today, from 9-10, and then I had the rest of the day "off". "Off" in that sense that I had lots of school work to do. So I went to town and found a nice, large table at Costa and sat there for hours drinking coffee and reading newspapers, answering questions about ideologies and writing my journalism essay for tomorrow. After working for so many hours I felt even more tired and my plan changed from going to a step class to eating pizza with Julie. Student life on its best. 

And guess what, I still have some more homework left...

October BBQ

// Shorts- second hand, phone case - H&M, jacket - Zara, sweater - Berskha //

Yesterday we actually did a BBQ. In October. It felt pretty weird, or different, but I am not complaining. The weather is so great and the fact that I sat outside in the sun, even getting a little tan yesterday, makes me happy. I've heard that the weather is pretty good at home too, so I guess we are not the only lucky once. 

Today we are going in to London to do what all tourists do - shopping at Oxford Street! We have been in London a couple times since we got here, but I haven't even been near Oxford yet, so I am really looking forward to it. Still have some of the money I earned in August left, but I have to be careful... Oh well, with such a great weather it won't be hard enjoying a day in London anyways!

It is like having summer in October.

// wearing Mac Morage //

It is so much going on all the time that I feel like I have no time to breathe. Other than school every day there is always something to read, something to do or somewhere to be.  I am already stressed out about my reading, and it is only the first week of school! 

Last night we went to a pub called "The black Lion". The main reason why we went there is because one of our friends, James, works there. So, we got to see him work and have a beer at the same time. It was a good night and we had lots of fun. 

Anyway, today is friday and I am not planning on thinking about school. We are going out tonight, not sure when or where, but we'll figure it out. Tomorrow I am going to lay outside on the lawn. It is such a beautiful weather here, and warm as well. Today I have been wearing shorts and a top, still sweating. It feels so weird having summer in October! It probably won't last long, so we have to enjoy it while we can. 

This is how real Vikings party.

// Shirt - Zara, bag - second hand, shorts - TopShop, Shoes - Primark //

As I said we went to the Scandinavian Society meeting last night. Before we went we had already decided not to drink much, just a glass or wine or something like that, but when we got there the plan changed. We arrived petty early so "the happy hour" was still on. It means that we had half price on all drinks and food. So.... we figured it would be a shame to waist such a good deal. We ended up drinking pitches of sweet strawberry-something (1,5 liters for 6 punds!!). Anyway, it was really good! Met a lot of nice people as well, and I guess we learnt were Toten is at the Norway map (this from a guy who was from Toten, or somewhere around that area). After a while they opened the doors in to Oceana (we had our own bar until then) and people went out there. I thought it was more fun at the bar, so we ended the night early and went home around 12. 

Had a great night though!

How do you spend your days?

1. A new bag I got at a second hand store for like 5 pounds. 2. Pictures of London that I got in Camden this weekend 3. My new favorite, favorite knit from Zara. 3. Knit and bag. 4. Student lunch. Cereal, fruits and a cup of skinny cappuccino. 5. School books. Some are mine, some from the library. 

School has started and I had my first lectures today and yesterday. It feels so good to finally get started! I went to the library at school after class yesterday and got all the books on my reading list for politics. I am going to read some in each of them to figure out which once will work best for me to use for my studies. I am really excited now about the international relations course! It seems so interesting and yesterday I spent hours reading in a book called "Global politics - a newintroduction" which is really a great book. It covers some interesting themes that I am looking forward to learn more about!

Today we have our first meeting with the Scandinavian society and I think that is going to be a lot of fun. We are meeting at Oceana at 6pm to have dinner and drinks. There are 700 Norwegian students at Kingston so it will probably be a huge society meeting! 

Last day of Freshers week.

// Topp - Zara, Skjørt - H&M, Jakke - Zara, Veske - Berskha //

Fredag var en bra dag. Vi var på Freshers fair og meldte oss inn i mange forskjellige societies som for eksempel journalism society, drama society, UN society og Skandinavian society. Og jo, også meldte jeg og Julie oss inn i Cake society, bare for å være litt sunne. Var utrolig mange og velge mellom! Litt gøy å gå rundt og se på de forskjellige standene. Noen hadde litt større pågang enn andre og jeg tror ikke hun eldgamle dama som satt på catholic society og strikket hadde så mye å gjøre... Uansett, societies er grupper med folk som har samme interesse. Ta for eksempel skandinavian society. Masse norske (helt klart flest av oss), noen svenske og danske folk som møtes og fester sammen, har juletre fest, lager peppekaker osv. Kjempe bra måte å møte folk på og være sosial! 

Har ikke tenkt til å begynne med noe lagsport her, selv om det er mange som skal det. Jeg er veldig ikke et lagsport menneske og har derfor tenkt å ta opp mine gamle aerobic vaner i stedet. Skal trene på et treingssenter som ligger rett oppe i gaten her som virker veldig bra og som har en bra timeplan. Blir så deilig å begynne og trene igjen! 

Ellers så var vi på en veldig koselig cafe nede i byen i går og spiste deilig mat. Etterpå shoppa vi litt, selv om vi ikke burde ha gjort det siden kontoen begynner å bli tom... Det ble et par sko på meg og to på Julie.. Vi var veldig fornøyde etterpå. Nå er kontoen snart tom. Eller, har penger, men de må gå til skolebøker (har rundt 20-30 bøker på leselista mi....) og til å melde meg inn på treningssenteret. Så ja, det blir ikke noe mer shopping på meg denne måneden i hvert fall. Farlig å bo i en by som har så mye fint nære en by som har enda mye mer fint når man er blakk. Oh well, life of a student. 

Student night out.

Denne kjolen her er så kul - nettopp fordi det faktisk ikke er en kjole!  Jeg fant den på kappahl for 50 kr for en stund siden og det er egentlig en t-skjorte i størrelse 44-46. Jeg likte mønsteret så godt at jeg fant ut at jeg måtte ha den og bruke den til noe. Helt perfekt som kjole!

Hver onsdag er det "Students-night-out". Det betyr at alle går ut og at det billigere å komme inn på utesteder, billige drinker og masse bra musikk. I Kingston er det Oceana som gjelder. Det er et fem-seks etasjes utested med masse rom hvor de spiller forskjellig musikk. Det er et sykt stort (går meg helt vill der inne) og sykt bra utested. I går gikk vi litt fra rom til rom og det er alt fra "Disco" til et rom med tema "Paris" hvor alt ser litt ut som fra "Burlesque" filmen, et rom hvor det bare var mørkhudede som danset til "shake-what-your-mama-gave-you" sanger, live band rom, VIP lounge og mye, mye her! Vi holdt oss mest på Disco dansegulvet i går for der ble det spilt best musikk. Hadde det utrolig morsomt, danset utrolig mye og drakk litt for mye. Det er egentlig et under at jeg og Julie klarte å holde samen hele kvelden siden det var så mye folk!

Man kan si mye om engelskmenn, men det å feste kan de! 

If you want to become a journalist, you have to start acting like one.

Skolen har ikke ordentlig begynt enda, men "introduction week" har startet. Så langt føler jeg bare at vi har kommet i gang med Journalistikken hvor vi har møtt lærerne, fått en del hefter med ting vi må lære oss og noen pep-talker. I dag hadde vi en lecture som het "have to get the most out of your degree" som virkelig gjorde inntrykk. Skjønner at det er veldig mye frihet og at man må ha struktur og kunne jobbe selv for å gjør det bra. 1 året teller jo heller ikke når det kommer til avgangskarakterene, men det er forventet at du skal bygge opp grunnlaget til 2. og 3. året som er de to viktige årene. 

Det virker både spennende og skummelt og skulle være så selvstendig. Det er mye som må gjøres og i journalistikken er det viktig å være oppdatert HELE tiden og ALLTID vite hva som skjer i nyhetsbilde, samtidig som man må kunne historie for å kunne skjønne hvorfor ting skjer. Jeg kjenner at jeg nå er på et så høyt nivå at jeg skulle ønske jeg kunne enda mer historie og enda mer detaljer fra tidligere, viktige hendelser. Jeg har derfor bestemt meg for å lese en god del historie ved siden av i år for da nettopp og kunne bygge opp et sterkere grunnlag. Gleder meg veldig til å komme igang med studiene og skjønner at jeg kommer til å bruke mer penger på bøker enn klær i årene som kommer....

//Skjorte - H&M//

Time goes by so fast.

Nå har jeg bodd i Kingston en hel uke alt. Tiden har gått utrolig fort, samtidig som det føles som jeg har bodd her for alltid. Har allerede begynte å oppdage både positive og negative sider ved det å være student. 


  •   Friheten!
  •   Du bestemmer alt selv.
  •  Det å bo i en storby (men som samtidig ikke er så stor som London) og det å ha ALT man trenger rett    utenfor døra.
  •   Mange mennesker, spennende omgivelser og ny skole.
  •   Veldig bra uteliv!
  •   Studenttilværelsen. Det å bli vant til å måtte samle sammen mynter, tenke økonomisk osv. Merker at jeg trives med det (enn så lenge, helt til shopping suget kommer?.)



  •  Bruker MASSE penger. Regner med det roer seg litt etter hvert da, men den første uka har vært ekstrem.  Har jo nesten ikke shoppet noe annet enn kjøkkenting og ting til rommet heller.
  •  Det er vanskelig å planlegge mat fordi man alltid mangler noe?
  •  Det er vanskelig å handle mat og jeg merker at jeg kommer til å savne fult kjøleskap, norsk mat og  mammas middag ganske fort.
  •  Savner å jobbe og tjene penger (workaholic, oh yeah!)

Alt i alt har den første uka vært super. Jeg har møtt så mange mennesker (husker ikke navnet på halvparten en gang) samtidig som jeg har en super god feeling når det kommer til skolen. Spesielt bra virker journalistikken - fikk også vite her om dagen at av over 900 søkere til Journalistikk ved Kingston kom 100 inn. Det er 1 av 10 det! Ganske kult. Det eneste jeg tenker litt på er om jeg har valgt riktig fag når det kommer til politikken. Var så sikker før jeg reiste hjemmefra, men tror det er noe med den engelske atmosfæren som får meg til å ha lyst til å studere litteratur. Kjenner det kribler litt i magen når jeg tenker på det. Veldig usikker enda, så tror jeg skal gi det en ukes tid så får vi se om det blir noen forandringer på timeplanen.

Deilig også at rommet mitt begynner å føles som hjemme. Er ganske fint nå (litt bilder har dere jo fått) og jeg kjenner allerede at jeg kan slappe helt av og kose meg når jeg er på rommet, og det er så deilig. 


I am Camilla, a 19-year-old Norwegian girl living in London. I study at Kingston University where I learn how to write like a journalist and think like a politician. This blog is my London life in pictures, my passion for fashion spot and the place where I write. . bloglovin bloglovin Romwe - The Latest Street Fashion


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