Things-to-do: "London for Christmas"

This might be a very obvious "thing-to-do" - but still, London is so beautiful and decorated for Christmas so I figured I would write a post about it anyway. Here are som tips of what to do in London for Christmas:

Oxford Street - Oxford Street is in a wonderful Christmas mood and everywhere you turn something reminds you of Christmas: the window displays, the street decorations or the people running around with their bags full of Christmas gifts. The street itself is super, super busy so make sure you have PLENTY of time. There are lines in all the stores and there is no way you can walk in a fast pace from store to store. Oxford Street, together with the whole of London, is extra busy during weekends.

Covet Garden - A beautiful area which are also very busy towards Christmas. It has many of the same chain stores as Oxford Street, but you can also find more specialist stores selling unique and different things. The perfect area to look for the more special Christmas gifts!

Department stores and window displays - You don't really have to buy anything to have fun in London during Christmas. Walking around and looking at the window displays is more than enough. These pictures are from a store where I live and from Selfridges in Oxford Street.

Winter Wonderland in Hyde park - This is described as the perfect place both for children and adults. This place looks like Santa's factory on the North Pole and gives you the ultimate Christmas spirit. I haven't been there yet, but I am going this weekend and I'll write a better post about it when I get back.

Christmas in Kingston - Even Kingston, the town where I live, is decorated for Christmas. This is outside of our shopping center- The Bental's Center. I think Kingston is a way better place to do shopping at the moment because it is less crowded (even though its way more people than usual) than London.

Other things:

Lighting of the Norwegian Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square 1.December - So excited for this Christmas tradition! Every year Oslo sends a Christmas tree to London to thank England for their help during the Second World War and every years it is lit the first of December.

Christmas market at South Bank -Another market that is definitely worth checking out. It is a beautiful walk along the river Thames with lots of small Christmas shops.

The only thing we are missing now is a tiny bit of snow......

(Pictures by me and Thea)

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Postet av: Pernille F
London er s vakkert n mot jul! Skal sjekke ut Winter Wonderland jeg og, og GLEDER meg!
21-Nov-2011, 19:49
Postet av: Marie
h, det ser s fint ut! :)
21-Nov-2011, 19:51
Postet av: Luisa
h god julestemning!
Postet av: Rebecca
Ser utrolig fint ut vre i London i juletida, har bare vrt der p sommeren!

Alltid gy lese om hvordan det gr der borte :)
22-Nov-2011, 09:43
Postet av: Martine
London er superfantastisk oved juletider! Like fantastisk som hele ret, men det er ganske magisk g rundt i Hyde Park samtidig som spise crepe med nutella.
25-Nov-2011, 20:42

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