Christmas is coming to town.

Wearing: top - second hand, pants - H&M divided, jacket - Vila, bag - Topshop

Today was a good day. I did not get to meet up with my friend because it was a tube chaos in London today and the Northern Line was closet. Off course, with my luck, that is the only line going to Camden Town and because I couldn't bother to figure out which bus to take I ended up in Covet Garden. No shame in that - Covet Garden is absolutely beautiful! It was way to crowded for my fast walking pace today though so I had to stroll along all day in a way slower tempo than usual. Even so, I got to take some pictures, buy some Christmas presents, (I am almost done, which means that I can spend my entire December budget on myself!!!)  eat dinner and watch a movie with Julie when she came along.

There is absolutely too many people in London in November/December. It seems like everyone is in London and there are tourists and people EVERYWHERE. I mean, you can't even walk in your regular pace because where ever you turn there will be somebody with a camera, a thousand bags or a barking dog.  Right now London is no place for privacy, no way in hell. It is exhausting. I am so happy I am only doing Christmas shopping this month, it would be a nightmare to stand in line for the fitting rooms.... Luckily, I have London for myself the rest of the year, or at least I am sharing it with fewer of the slow walking, photographing tourists waving their bags around.

Shoe heaven - Kurt Geiger two floor store in Covet Garden. Worth a look! 

Christmas is coming to town! All we need now is a little snow, (not too much, because that will stop the whole country) just enough to get everything dusty and white. 

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Postet av: Stine
Nyydelige bilder og flott antrekk!
20.nov.2011, 02:06
Postet av: Pernille F
Likte antrekket ditt! Og jeg er helt enig, det er altfor mange folk her nå! Spesielt på helg, så jeg prøver å dra til central London på hverdager isteden.
20.nov.2011, 11:25
Postet av: Charlotte
Jeg skulle så gjerne vært i London i førjulstiden! Men kan tenke meg at det er stress med så mange mennesker! :)
20.nov.2011, 12:26
Postet av: marnaa
sv: njæææ :( lommeboka mi vil ikke det hehehe
20.nov.2011, 12:27
Postet av: vendela
Jeg skjønner akkurat hva du mener med folkemengder! Vi feirte jul i London i fjor, og da stengte de tuben helt, det var helt kaos i gatene, spessielt på oxford street. Men london er herlig da, uansett:)
20.nov.2011, 16:37
Postet av: Dagens Outfit
åååå, så kos det var der!
20.nov.2011, 19:31
Postet av: Niina
Damn girl, rocking those jeans! x Love the pics aswell. And lucky you living in beautiful London!
20.nov.2011, 21:13
Postet av: Hr. Margat
Fiine bilder : D
20.nov.2011, 21:55
Postet av: Julie:D
Du ser super ut :D
20.nov.2011, 22:56
Postet av: anniken
Du er så fiin! Her nede er det ikke noe julepynt i det heletatt. savner deg og gleder meg maks til jeg skal besøke deg i april <3
21.nov.2011, 09:19
Postet av: Luisa
Dritkult antrekk! Jul i London må jo være helt fantastisk :)

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