London by night and a politcal meeting

London is THE most beautiful city I know off. Yesterday we walked through old-London, the area where the financial center, City is. Our walk from the tube station to the pub was a mysterious and wonderful walk full of old buildings, churches and narrow, hidden passage ways. To me it felt like a mixture of Jack the Ripper and Oliver Twist - just perfect!

The reason why we went to this part of London was because we were going to a meeting with other Norwegian students who belong to the Labor party (AP) in Norway. I am not an AP voter, but I came with my friend, Julie to hear Trond Giske talk about the Euro zone crisis. Even though I don't identify myself with the party I learned A LOT about the crises (I even made a summary of what has happened from 2008 until today - I can post it here if anyone is interested??). I also got to meet many interesting people and ended up discussing politics with one guy for hours. He was a real, to-the-bone socialist, and let's say I am really not. We had a challenging discussion which ended up in Russia. Great fun!

I did not get to present my feature idea today - I'll be the first one next week,but it still was a great seminar! All the others had good ideas, but every time we gave feedback I always thought of ways to improve the ideas and make them even more interesting from the point of view of what I wanted to read. In the beginning I kept my ideas to myself, but half way through I couldn't hold it anymore and every time I spoke up my teacher said "YES - there is your idea! Just use what she said and it will be great." and she ended the lesson by saying "Camilla - are you a feature writer? If not, you are a natural!"

This is my blog and I like to brag about myself, ha ha. Let's just say that's exactly what I needed to hear! No I am super motivated and very happy. Life is good.

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Postet av: Helene Pedersen
Skikkelig fine bilder! Heldig som bor i London! Hvordan innstilling hadde du p kameraet ditt for f bilene i bevegelse? :) Det var skikkelig stilig!
10.nov.2011, 17:28
Postet av: Helene Pedersen
SV: Jepp, tror nok jeg skjnte det ja :) Husker du ca hvor lang lukkertid du hadde? :) For det pleier jeg bomme veeeldig p skjnner du ;)
10.nov.2011, 17:36
Postet av: thao / mitsuakira
S fine bilder!
10.nov.2011, 17:37
Postet av: Irina
I love London, it's so pretty.

and good job in your seminar! :-)
10.nov.2011, 18:15
Postet av: Pernille F
Haha, s herlig f hre! Flink :) , skulle nske jeg hadde visst om mtet, jeg er auf-er selv, s skulle gjerne vrt der!
10.nov.2011, 18:39
Postet av: julie
Wii, stolt av deg :D og summary, yes please : )
10.nov.2011, 19:18
Postet av: Luisa
S gy med spennende mte, kjekt at norske unge engasjerer seg i andre land ogs :)
Postet av: elintherese
, gleder meg snn til jeg skal til London om en uke!!
12.nov.2011, 16:22

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