The sweet life.

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Today has been one of those days when I go to bed thinking "this has been a good day". I'll sum it up for you.

I started out with the bus being on time for the first time in a week this morning. That was my first sign of a good day. At school I only had one seminar today and it was my favorite seminar with my favorite teacher. It is always fun but today it was even better because she had planned a little exercise for us. We had to find news on different topics from different sources and the group that did best would get Halloween treats as a price. And guess what! WE WON! Haha, I love winning and was so happy when we got our candy (it's not really the candy, I am just that kind of person who loves winning. Anything and whatever, as long as I win!). When the seminar was over we got out and RIGHT THERE was the bus. We didn't even have to wait one minute.

And another thing... The sun was shining today! The whole day... I love my life.

Anyway, after school Julie and I went to London to meet my stepdad for lunch. He is in town with some business friends for an Arsenal football match tomorrow. We were going to meet him at 2pm, but their plane was late, so we did not meet up until 4pm. Oh well, that gave us a couple hours in Oxford Street. And guess what, you really can't stay there for hours without shopping, so that's what we did. The sun was still shining. I love my life.

After our little shopping marathon we went to Hilton in Kensington to meet up with the others. When we got there we got a beer and lots of questions about our London life. It was really nice to see my stepdad as well! We stayed in the lobby drinking beer for a while (the boys drank six on the amount of time it took us to drink one... but, I think we did god). After the beer drinking we went off to this pub to eat. The only problem was... the pub was full. No table for 13 people, sorry sir. What would they have done without me? I went back in and talked to these two guys sitting at a huge table by themselves, smiled as sweet as I could and asked if we could please swap tables - and who can resist me? I got the table!

We got our 2 o'clock lunch at 8.... I was almost dead by then because I hadn't eaten since breakfast. But the lasagna was great and the wine was even better. I think I got a job as well, travel company? I'll tell you more about that later. Still not totally sure what the plan is after being given the details in a noisy pub full of drinking people. It sounded fun though and I hope it will work out.

We ended our night with some more shopping (with some help from my wonderful stepdad) and frozen yogurt.

The sun wasn't shining when we got home. It was already dark. But I still love my life :-)

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Postet av: Lene
kjempe fine bilder og antrekk og ikke minst en flott dag:)
29.okt.2011, 19:55
Postet av: mtotheirhaa
jeg virkelig DIGGER at vi har en jente som deg i Askim:) Eller n i London, hehe! du er forbilde for mange!
29.okt.2011, 20:01
Postet av: Rina
Hehe, s koselig dag! Og superfint antrekk! :)
29.okt.2011, 21:54
Postet av: Sara's everyday
shopping, love :)

Fint antrekk!
29.okt.2011, 22:10
Postet av: Andrea Castberg
S tft antrekk, elsker snne bukser!^^

, new look er fin butikk<3
30.okt.2011, 00:20
Postet av: elintherese
Elsker vesken!
30.okt.2011, 16:19
Postet av: vendela
S utrolig kule bukser:D
30.okt.2011, 21:23
Postet av: Luisa
Wow, s kult antrekk! Du rocker det :)
Postet av: emilia
Buksa fra H&M er fantastisk!
30.okt.2011, 23:54

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