Things-to-do: "Brick Lane"

Brick Lane is a market in London. It is famous for its vintage and second hand stores, but you get everything there, not only vintage! Brick Lane is also an amazing area with so much to see. When we were there we visited two markets, Brick Lane and Old Spitafield market. They are both in the same area and all around these two markets you can find amazing shops for everything between heaven and earth!

Old Spitafield market:Welcome to Old Spitalfields Market, one ofLondon?sfinest Victorian market hallsset in an historic location in the heart of the City and one of the crown jewels of East London.You can dine in style, browse through theantique market, buyuniquedesigner clothes and relax with a glass of fine wine watching the hustle and bustle of the City pass you by. Easy to find,Old Spitalfields Marketis a short walk from both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East stations.

Spitafield market was more of a designers market than a vintage market. It is the place to get unique designes and special items. They had so much great design and even if you don't have money to spend it is a wonderful experience just walking around feeling the atmosphere.

Old Spitafield market.

Brick Lane:London?s Brick Lane Market is a traditional flea-market affair, with a rich diversity of products and wares with everything from food, second-hand clothes (always worth a look for the retro-lovers), furniture, bric-a-brac, magazines, toiletries, sweets, electrical equipment and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in between.

Brick Lane is heaven! Vintage heaven! I found so many great items in Brick Lane, all unique and special. That is what I love the most about Brick Lane, it had a huge variety of vintage - all special in its own way. I also loved just walking around looking at all the people dressed in a chicy, retro kind of way. It really got me inspired!

I would really recommend going to Brick Lane on a day-trip if you are in London. There is so much to see and so much to explore, I haven't even seen any of it yet!

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Postet av: Linda in Wonderland
ELSKER Brick Lane, jeg dde og kom til himmelen da jeg gikk blant alle bodene og stativene frste gang jeg var der. Alle marked i London er flotte.
26.okt.2011, 00:09
Postet av: Pernille F
I<3brick lane!
26.okt.2011, 02:56
Postet av: Luisa
Masse kult, og cupcakes er aldri feil :)
Postet av: Amalie
Fine bilder :D
26.okt.2011, 13:33
Postet av: carolinesandelin
Dit M jeg faktisk dra!!!
26.okt.2011, 18:37
Postet av: Camilla
carolinesandelin: Det burde du hvis du ikke har vrt der! Genialt sted. De har ALT!
26.okt.2011, 18:59

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