Journalism: This is how a news story works.

Just some random pictures taken this morning - the first one, which it chicken wok with sweet chilli saus (it tasted so good!) is to prove to my mom that I follow the recopies she sends me on facebook.

I just got home from a journalism seminar where we have been working more with how to write news stories. I have learned so much about news and how news stories are structured the last weeks, and it is so interesting because it is all obvious things that I've never thought about before.

I'll give you some examples:

  • A news story is always created as a pyramid. The most interesting facts are always in the top - it is created so that the reader can stop reading when they don't feel like they need any more information without worrying that important information is being held back. (mainly it is created this way so that subeditors can cut the story from the bottom up without losing important information)
  • The intro HAS to grab the reader's attention - or else there is no way he'll keep on reading.
  • Never more than 20-30 words in an intro and it have to describe WHO it is about and WHAT has happened.
  • Rudyard Kipling's six questions always have to be answered - WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHERE, WHEN and WHY.
  • There is not a point of view in a news story - but a news angle comes from the reporter's interpretation of events - which they invite the reader to share.

A there is a lot more! These are only a few examples of what I have learned so far. The scary part now is that we have to go out and find a news story and hand it in by Tuesday. It scares me because it seems hard to go out and find a story that has not been written about yet. I am just hoping that something exciting will happen when we go out in London this weekend!

My friend Liva is staying this weekend. I am so excited to see her! It is going to be a bit of a challenge though because we have to share my one tiny single bed... Oh well, we'll work it out!

Source: "Writing for jourlalists" by Wynford Hicks

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Postet av: Luisa
Elsker antrekket ditt! Og det smykket!!!
Postet av: Silje Ustad
S kult antrekk! Vet ikke om dere har ftt noe tema p oppgaven, men hva med skrive om Scandi Society og eventen i kveld? :) Bare et forslag, hehe.
21.okt.2011, 18:52
Postet av: Heidi
Kanskje du skal skrive om hvordan det er vre en liten jente fra Askim som skal ut i den store verden og prve lykken.Beskriv det med dine ord og tanker ,det er det ingen som har gjort fr.Kos deg masse med Liva,du m hilse s mye

God helg jenta mi
21.okt.2011, 21:31
Postet av: IsabelleKarlsson
Vi holder p med det samme. M Skrive en nyhetsartikkel i uken, og finne nyheten selv, intervjue kilder osv. Det frste telefonintervjuet var litt skummelt:p Lykke til!
21.okt.2011, 21:47
Postet av: Ungdomsperioden - En blogg for ungdommer
Kult :D
22.okt.2011, 11:32
Postet av: Linni Olsen
Beautiful pictures :-)
22.okt.2011, 12:21

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