Let me tell you a news story.

We had fun on Wednesday. Went to Oceana where half of the people were dressed in Army clothes because of a sports event. 

I am enjoying journalism and today during our seminar we got a really challenging task. Michelle Hather, our teacher (and my favorite teacher so far) just walked in and said "go out and find me a news story" and off we went. My groupes key word for our story was "students", so we went to the student union office. After talking to some people who worked there we decided to go for a story on the army event (the one that I went too) on Wednesday. We interviewed a girl working at the union and I texted my friend, who is the rowing captain, to get some comments from him. It came out pretty well and even though it was kind of stressful and challenging, I learned a lot from it. I am starting to realize that journalism, writing and working against the clock is perfect for me. I am loving it! I am also thinking that feature writing would be even more fun than news writing. When writing features you do not have to follow an exact set of rules and it is more "create your own style" type of writing, which I prefer. Either way, I love my course and I guess I have decided to major in it next year.

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Postet av: line eirin
it's great to read that your are so happy 'bout studying journalism! :-) sweet pictures too!
07.okt.2011, 18:35
URL: http://lineeirin.blogg.no
Postet av: Karoline
Så fint at du trives :) Skulle ønske jeg klarte å finne et studie jeg vil begynne på.. Det er så vanskelig!
08.okt.2011, 18:31
URL: http://www.fashiondelirium.net

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