Oxford Street

// Shoes - DinSko, Skirt - inlovewithfashion.com, Phone case - H&M, Jacket - Vila, Bag - Second hand//

As I said we went to Oxford Street today. We were thinking before we left that we would spend some hours in Oxford and then move one. That never happened. I believe that Oxford is such a huge, crowded place that once you're there you're there. You have to spend the day or just give it up. So many people, lots of traffic and stores so huge that you can easily get lost in one of them. Oxford Street makes me wish that I was really, really rich. So many nice clothes, shoes and everything else you could ever imagine. I wanted to go and see the new Forever21 store today as well, but we never got that far either. Oh well, there will be another chance I guess.

Had a great day with the girls and one of my dreams came true... I'll show you later!

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Postet av: k9
like, gleder meg til dra dit til tirsdag!
02.okt.2011, 21:05
URL: http://www.xyy.blogg.no
Postet av: Luisa
Oxford street er som du sier, supercrowded, men gy er det likevel :) gleder meg til se!
Postet av: Monica M
Superfint antrekk! Er s misunnelig p at du bor i England, og ikke minst, det fine vret dere har n :P
03.okt.2011, 09:07
URL: http://monicamikkelsen.com
Postet av: Martine
N vil jeg tilbake til London.

Antrekket er superfint forresten.
03.okt.2011, 14:09
URL: http://www.martineandersen.com
Postet av: Liva
Hold vret slik til jeg kommer takk!! :-)))
03.okt.2011, 20:56
URL: http://livadele.blogg.no
Postet av: Karoline
Det ser s gy ut bo i London :D Digger skjrtet ditt forresten.
04.okt.2011, 02:19
URL: http://www.fashiondelirium.net
Postet av: Sequin
Det skjrtet er s utrolig fint. Ser ut som du koser deg maks, s misunnelig!
04.okt.2011, 09:25
URL: http://sequin.notre.co

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