HERE is my new blog!

I am moving!

I am moving my blogg to femelle.no!I am so happy I got he offer and I am excited to move. I really hope you will stay with me :-) I also descided to change the name of my blog in the process of moving.

My new blog will be: mycitydiary.femelle.no

It is not done yet, but I am working on it. It has been hard to get anything done as the internet here is still not working... it sucks! But soon I'll be back!

Zip it

Got it here

I woke up to this beautiful bag in my mail. A good start on a good day! I have some news for you - but they'll have to wait a little longer..

And today is my sisters birthday.Happy birthday to my beautiful sister!!

Things-to-do: "Ice Skating at Natural History Museum"

I am so sorry I haven't updated - but I have been going mad here for three days without ANY internet! It all of a sudden disappeared on Saturday, without any warning, and now we have been stranded for three days feeling lost as hell. What did we do before internet? I don't care; let's just not go back there. Three days was enough for me.

Anyway, Sunday was fun! We went to London with the Scandinavian Society (or the ten of us who showed up) and went ice skating outside the Natural History Museum. It was truly beautiful and, as you can see from the pictures, all decorated. With Christmas music in my ears the only thing missing was a little snow to make it all perfect. My Christmas spirit has arrived and I love it!

What I wore the other day V

Last night.

I have to say that one of the best parts about uni is all the socials. Living in halls makes it even easier too as we all practically live on top of each other. Last night was fun! Let's just say we started out with plastic cups and ended with pitchers. We danced at Hippodrome and went to an afterparty with cheese fries and pizza.

I am not planning on doing much today. I might go get some coffee, do some homework and sleep. Tonight I have a meeting in London which I will tell you more about later!

Friday night!

I am on my out to drink coctails and dance with my girls in my new dress from Asos. I'll show you tomorrow! Have a great night

Things-to-do: "Primark"

Primark and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it for the same reason as every other Primark fan - it is cheap. Primark costs nothing. They have everything practically for free. Obviously, I am not the only person i England who likes all the good, cheap stuff they have at Primark which means that the store is always crowded. Lots of people, screaming kids and crazy women fighting over the best pars of shoes or the cutest handbag. Primark makes me feel as exhausted as a good run would do, but who did not say shopping was hard work?

However, I would say that it is worth it. You might be surprised by what they actually have! We are talking underwear, shoes, jewelry, clothes, jackets, hats, scarves, handbags and everything else you could possibly think off. Definitely a must when you visit London! They have a huge Primark store in Oxford Street, right by Marble Arch. I usually go to the one in Kingston, but the one in London is ten times bigger!

My two last Primark buys which cost me around 20 pounds (190 norwegian kroners). The shoes are probably going to kill me, but as I always say to myself, practise makes perfect.

What is going on in our flat?

It's been a long time since I updated you on what's going on in uni life. So here you go:

On Wednesday (which is the student night out) Gaby and I went to Eirill's flat in Kingston Hill (which is like faaaar away). Anyway, after buying tons of beer we got a free bus ride to her flat from a nice man who could not leave us standing along the road. Thanks to him we finally got to Kingston Hill and found ourselves standing outside this massive gate looking in on a palace. At that time we were really upset and could not understand why we hadn't applied to Kingston Hill. The place was a catch! There was only one problem - it was locked. I called Eirill and she could not understand what gate we where at - gate? there is no gate? And then when she finally worked it out she burst out laughing. We were on the wrong side of the road. Kingston Hill was on the other side, and let's say, looked a little more like a uni campus. People in palaces don't play beer pong either, but we did, and had a great night!

Here the other day I had a creative moment and decided to invite my flat mates and other people to a "cheese and wine night" (I even created an event on facebook). Eveyone brought food and drinks, Lorenzo, our wonderful Italian event though me that brie tastes really good if you melt it in the microwave. Anyway, there were plenty of wine and cheese for all of us and we had a great time!

I want a new dress for Christmas.







Waiting, waiting, waiting....

I have to show you

I bought this beautiful sequin patterned top in a second hand store in Surbiton some weeks ago. It cost me 7 pounds. The fun part is that they have the EXACT same tops at Topshop (they are all unique with different pattern, but the same style) and they cost 99 pound! I feel so lucky :-)

Today's details

Wearing: dress - H&M, sweater - H&M, necklace - E-bay

I am at school doing grammar work in journalism. Common mistakes. I know I need it, so I am not complaining.... But still, hopefully not the main happening of the day!

New header!

Theamade this beautiful header for me! I am so excited - I have never had a pro header before and I really like this one! She is so good at it, I am amazed. Simple and perfect!

What do you think??

I am ready for December.

Wearing: dress - H&M, jacket - Vila, necklace - Indiska (old), bag - Lindex (old), shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Today I had one lecture at school and it was cancelled. It was supposed to start at 9 am, which meant that I had to get up early, shower, get dressed AND get to school by nine just to figure out that I could go back to sleep. At least I am awake and that is good because I really need to work on my final essay today (done with one, two more to go) and I promised Julie I would have dinner ready when she gets home from school. I am the perfect friend, I know.

And guess what?? I am all done with my Christmas shopping. E-bay has been a great help and it feels so good be done! Now I am just going to lean back and watch everyone else stress around. Got to love December!

Things-to-do: "London for Christmas"

This might be a very obvious "thing-to-do" - but still, London is so beautiful and decorated for Christmas so I figured I would write a post about it anyway. Here are som tips of what to do in London for Christmas:

Oxford Street - Oxford Street is in a wonderful Christmas mood and everywhere you turn something reminds you of Christmas: the window displays, the street decorations or the people running around with their bags full of Christmas gifts. The street itself is super, super busy so make sure you have PLENTY of time. There are lines in all the stores and there is no way you can walk in a fast pace from store to store. Oxford Street, together with the whole of London, is extra busy during weekends.

Covet Garden - A beautiful area which are also very busy towards Christmas. It has many of the same chain stores as Oxford Street, but you can also find more specialist stores selling unique and different things. The perfect area to look for the more special Christmas gifts!

Department stores and window displays - You don't really have to buy anything to have fun in London during Christmas. Walking around and looking at the window displays is more than enough. These pictures are from a store where I live and from Selfridges in Oxford Street.

Winter Wonderland in Hyde park - This is described as the perfect place both for children and adults. This place looks like Santa's factory on the North Pole and gives you the ultimate Christmas spirit. I haven't been there yet, but I am going this weekend and I'll write a better post about it when I get back.

Christmas in Kingston - Even Kingston, the town where I live, is decorated for Christmas. This is outside of our shopping center- The Bental's Center. I think Kingston is a way better place to do shopping at the moment because it is less crowded (even though its way more people than usual) than London.

Other things:

Lighting of the Norwegian Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square 1.December - So excited for this Christmas tradition! Every year Oslo sends a Christmas tree to London to thank England for their help during the Second World War and every years it is lit the first of December.

Christmas market at South Bank -Another market that is definitely worth checking out. It is a beautiful walk along the river Thames with lots of small Christmas shops.

The only thing we are missing now is a tiny bit of snow......

(Pictures by me and Thea)


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